Vietnam All Over Again

This is just fucking shameful and pathethic!


20-year old soldier comes back from Iraq suffering from PTSD, tried to get help from the military who basically ignored him, tried to commit suicide only to have his mother intervene, and now the military says it's his fault.

Do YOU feel safer now?

How about drafting some young Republicans or some fundie Christians that think Bush is the second-coming?

Stop destroying our young men and women who thought they were going over there to defend our country then blaming them for the hell this administration has unleashed.

How True...so Priceless & Clueless

Freakin' HILARIOUS!!!!!

Check it out: http://www.xroadsfilms.com/batescomedycentral/

Ready to Learn Spanish?

I wish I had paid more attention in Spanish class. I'm surprised I didn't! The teacher was a flaming queen!

Anyway, Canada was beat to the punch this week by Spain to officially become the third country to approve gay marriage.


The Socialist run government has been pushing for the legislation in spite of vehement protests by the Roman Catholic Church, who has had a huge influence over the politics of Spain for generations (gee, sound familiar?). Spain is also pushing for more stem-cell research, loosening restrictions on abortions, and just approved doing away with a 25 year old divorce law that required couples to go through mandatory separation or provide a reason for the divorce (as if it's the government's business, anyway!).

The conservative politicians of Spain claim the passage of gay marriage is a divisive issue to the country but a recent poll showed that 62% of Spaniards approve of gay marriage while only 30% disapprove.

The battle got so nasty at one point that Antonio Martinez Camino, a spokesman for the Spanish Bishops Conference, said that allowing gay marriage was like "imposing a virus on society - something false that will have negative consequences for social life."

I'm not saying that America needs to be socialist or anything, but we could learn a thing or two from leaders who stand up to religious nuts like this. Canada told Dobson to keep his nose out of their governmental business and they are on the verge of providing full equality. Now Spain has given the Vatican the ol' one finger salute too!

How sweet it is!!!

UCC Follow-Up

Yesterday I sent an email to Rev. Thomas expressing my appreciation of the UCC's support for same-sex marriage.

Rarely does it happen in today's world, but I received a personal response from Rev. Thomas. He asked for the UCC to be in our prayers. If you are the praying type, first thank Rev. Thomas (thomasj@ucc.org) then raise some prayers for him and the UCC.

They have taken a bold step that will carry them into the forefront. It will certainly create a backlash, not just among their own, but within the Christian community as a whole. They will need all of the support they can get.


UCC Head Endorses Same-Sex Marriage


We need MORE people like this. First, the UCC stood up against ABC and NBC rejecting their ads of inclusion (even though ABC later accepted an ad from Focus on the Family to run during Supernanny), now the UCC bravely steps out as the first mainstream Christian denomination to support and endorse same-sex marriage.

The Rev. John H. Thomas said that the church's General Synod "should affirm the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender persons" to have marriages "equal in name, privileges and responsibilities to married heterosexual couples."

"I believe our local churches, as they are able, should move toward the development of marriage equality policies," Thomas added during a speech at Emory University.

That remark drew a lengthy standing ovation from the audience of about 200.


Send Rev. Thomas some love and let your local UCC know you support UCC's statement of equality.

Rev. Thomas' email: thomasj@ucc.org
Directory of local UCC churches: http://www.ucc.org/find/index2.html

Is Canada Next?

Canada lawmakers approve gay marriage bill

Canada would become only the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage under landmark legislation passed in the House of Commons in spite of fierce opposition from Conservatives and religious leaders.

The bill would grant same-sex couples legal rights equal to those in traditional unions between a man and a woman, something already legal in a majority of Canadian provinces. The legislation drafted by Prime Minister Paul Martin's minority Liberal Party government was also expected to easily pass the Senate and become federal law by the end of July.

The Netherlands and Belgium are the only other two nations that allow gay marriage nationwide.


Charles McVety, a spokesman for Defend Marriage Canada and president of Canada Christian College, called the vote an "onerous breach of trust and the deconstruction of so much that is dear to our hearts."

Flanked by clergymen, McVety vowed his group would work to vote out lawmakers who supported the legislation in the next general elections.

"This is the beginning of the formal fight against the redefinition of marriage," McVety said. "We will, in the next election, be able to correct this incredible democratic deficit before us today."



Mr. McVety should be reminded that what should be dear to his hear is his own marriage, not someone else's. Take care of your own issues, buddy, and let us deal with ours.

Don't think this is the end of the war though. The conservative politicians in Canada have already sworn their go against their own constitution in order to get their way.

Does that sound familiar?

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin supported the measure by saying "you don't cherry-pick rights."


Why can't America have a leader like that?


Deliverance Country-Up Close and Personal

Sometimes you just don't know about people until you spend time with them. I learned that this weekend.

To protect the identities of the innocent, I won't mention names or identifying information, but let's just say how frightening it is to realize you have a Neo-Nazi on your property.

This person has been nothing but nice to me (and knows that I'm gay too, which is weird), but there is something unnerving about talking about "white power" and "swastikas", jokingly telling this person not to say that too loud (we're in a very diverse neighborhood), and have this person say "I don't see anyone around who is going to challenge me."

Yeah, not a person I want to piss off, especially now that this person knows where I live.

Now, one would think that maybe this person just went through a phase and is over it now. However, I think the references to "ragheads" (for Middle Easterns) and "slant eyes" (for Asians) tells me otherwise.

Why am I okay? I don't know. Maybe 'cause I don't have a penis or maybe 'cause upon realizing his prejudices I was too afraid to challenge him. Who knows?!

I do know I was freaked out. It's one thing to know someone is a Republican and even a bigot, but "white power" and "swastikas" makes you wonder just how deep does the hatred go and if you're not careful could you end up on the wrong side of it.


Southern Baptists hit Nashville

Nashvillians survived the Southern Baptist Convention!

They did their rounds of door-to-door evangelizing (funny, I thought queers were supposed to recruit! Hmmmm) this past Saturday.

I posted my sign that said "Your Freedom of Speech ends where my Right to Privacy begins! No Trespassing! No Soliciting! No Proselytizing!" on my front door. It must have worked like garlic on a vampire because I escaped their wrath.

It has been funny to travel downtown during the convention to get home. The downtown area is crawling with fundies and they have their little name tags around their necks (even little kids have them!). I have to tell you though...these people are the ugliest people who dress up for nothing.

My partner calls church the "Sunday show and tell" because of the outfits and stories people tell about their perfect families and kids.

They did it downtown too. Men in suits and women in their nicest dresses in 90 degree heat. But by God, if they weren't going to show how "good Christians" look, sound, and act (i.e. rich and dapper). Reminds me of this poor homeless woman that came to my church once. She had only a pair of slacks and a blouse that mismatched, but at least she came to church. I overheard my Sunday School teacher's wife tell someone else, "You would think she could at least find a dress."

That's the Southern Baptist version of Christian love for you! Welcome to the South!

Nuggets of Love

THIS is why I'm frustrated and angry these days! This was posted on another blog (I won't say where or by whom-I'm not like that), but this is evidence of what is bothering me about the Democratic Party these days.

This is the embodiment of those attacks we keep hearing about Dean taking. Yet, I'll probably get toasted as a freeper or troll for not getting on board with the agenda.

Well, I can't get on board when Democrats are content to toss me under the bus to get someone in office.

"Until a overhaul of the system takes place, we will have to live with DINOS. There may one day be the debate about Choice for instance, and on that day, we will see who the real Dems are. Apparently, it's OK to throw our GLBT friends under the bus, since there is little or no political repercussions. I hate it, but it is what it is."

Nice! Queer without a country and now a party.

They want our votes but they don't even want us on the bus. Just a little, "Oh well, sorry, it's nothing personal, just politics, REALLY!!"

If I tolerate this, it puts me in the same league as Log Cabin Republicans who really think the fundies will eventually see them as human and allow them a few scraps from the table.

THIS is why our party is in piss poor shape! We have absolutely no backbone and that's why we can't get votes. That's why Dean is being attacked. He's not taking the shit anymore, but we are expected to take shit.

When will we get it through our heads. It hasn't worked before...it won't work now.

So, go ahead, toast me. Call me names! If you want my vote though, don't tell me "oh, well, sorry", throw me under the bus, expect me to act like nothing is wrong, and still pull that lever on election day.

GLBT friends, my ass. If only Democrats could have as much contempt and resolve against their enemies as they do their "friends."


The Problem

I recognized a problem today.

If you listen to the two political parties in our country, you have the Republicans living, breathing, and attacking on social issues and you have the Democrats getting in a tiz over Iraq, Bolton, and Darfur.

Basically, you have two political parties that have stopped giving a shit about Americans. The Republicans talk about freedom in foreign countries while cutting on personal freedoms at home. The Democrats say they are for the little man and the concerns of home, but they are focused on the Downing Street Memo and a UN nominee.

Neither party has stepped up to the plate lately to do anything about education, poverty, inequality, inadequate housing, inadequate healthcare, rising costs of living and lowering salaries (if any jobs at all).

The average person doesn't know who the hell Bolton is or where Darfur is AND THEY DON'T CARE!!!!

They want to have a good job that can feed their families! Start giving a shit about us, Dems, and you might find the tide turn on your luck!


Dictionary.com defines Independent as

Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant.
Not determined or influenced by someone or something else; not contingent.

Independent describes me pretty well.

A guy on a Democratic blog the other day said that in working with electing candidates he has to sign off on an agreement to support the candidate whether his views conflict with the party or not.

How does this differ from Bush locking dissenters out his "town hall" meetings?

It doesn't.

The Dems talk a game of inclusion but the national party hasn't done one thing to step out and say, "We support and fight for full equality for all American citizens irregardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation." They don't do it because they don't have the balls to do it.

The Republicans call themselves the "Big Tent" party but all they really do is ignore minorities and actually develop programs to regulate minorities to not just the back of the bus but to put us UNDER the bus.

This same Democratic guy says we have to just get some Dems into political seats to turn the tide. That would be nice, but the last time we did that Clinton passed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and DOMA. That's what we get for having just ANY Dem in a political seat.

I hear the term "political football" when discussing gay rights. I was thinking about that this morning as I got ready for work. I could visualize gay rights as the football that Republicans keep intercepting. Everytime the ball is snapped, the Dems run the other way. They're scared of being tackled with the football of gay rights in their hands so they'll fumble or pass it off for an interception. What we need are some burly, mean linemen that aren't scared of getting hurt! We need a running back that will take that football, tuck his head down, and barrel through to the end zone. We need people willing to get dirty for the cause.

If that's too much to ask, put the ball on the 50 yard line and walk over and join the other team. There's no point in being a Democrat or liberal if you have no more conviction than that and we don't need you on our team because all you do is run us in circles and cause more harm than good.

I call myself Independent because I have no place to go. The Republicans are an obvious no possibility and the Dems haven't stepped up to the plate.


Equality March in '08


Young, old; straight, gay; Republican, Dem; Christian, atheist

There is a call for a march for full equality. This is not about marriage. This is for our very lives and our souls. We are under attack and we need grassroots support from every corner of society.

Politicians have let us down, religious leaders have not only let us down but led the attack, and ordinary citizens are clueless on the impending dangers to equality for all of us.

We will not apologize for or allow concessions to weak unethical politicians and immoral religious leaders.

The Equality March will take place sometime near April '08. Read more about the march at and get involved:


Leading up to the national march, I make a call for statewide marches on our state capitols and equality rides/caravans (reminiscent of "Freedom Rides") to our nation's capitol.

Until everyday folks realize that good people refuse to allow bigotry and hatred to win, this war cannot be won. We have to work on the ground, face-to-face, showing our support and determination to let love win over hate.

If you are interested in organizing on the state level, contact me.

This is YOUR Military

Dad picks up $600 tab for son's Iraq body armor

John Tod of Mesa had been prepared to face Father's Day worrying about his son's pending date with the war in Iraq. Then Uncle Sam stepped in with more disappointing developments.

Marine Pfc. Jeremy Tod, 19, called home with news that his superiors were urging him and fellow Marines to buy special military equipment, including flak jackets with armor plating, to enhance the prospects of their survival. The message was that such purchases were to be made by Marines with their own money.

"He said they strongly suggested he get this equipment because when they get to Iraq they will wish they had," Tod said. Total estimated cost: $600.


BRILLIANT!!! For all ya military Republican freaks, who SWEAR this war was to protect America, tell me this: who's protecting these kids????

Not your sorry ass government, that's for sure!!

What's next a fuckin' bake sale to buy ammo? Maybe we can sale girl scout cookies to purchase tanks or have a Krispy Kreme fundraiser for fighter planes?

THIS is what your vote got us into and the blood is on YOUR hands!!! GREAT JOB!!!


Do Something

Now that you are sufficiently pissed off...DO SOMETHING!!!

Go to this website:


Learn more and get involved. There is a resolution stating your support for marriage equality and a list of steps that anyone (straight and gay) can do to build grassroots support for equality. On the resolution there is an option for volunteering and be contacted to help. DO IT!!!!

This isn't just about marriage and it's not just about you. It's about equality, fair treatment, and it's about your family, your kids, your grandkids, your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. New laws change people's lives for generations to come so do amendments that limit rights and freedomes. Every day something happens to set back rights. Good people have to stand up.

You can do the right thing or the wrong thing. Make your decision, but don't sit on the fence.

Close but no Cigar

But there are still fat, fundie ladies singing somewhere!!!

Rex Wockner outlines the fall of the NEAR passage of a marriage equality bill in California. It missed only by a few votes. Why??? Not because of Republicans as you might guess...Well, actually, yes because of Republicans but that's because Republicans have no morals or ethics in regard to equality (just read my other posts below and see what I mean).

Assembly Bill 19 failed because of pansy-assed Democrats.

Every vote for the bill came from a Democrat. Five Democrats joined all but one Republican in voting against it. Six other Democrats and that one Republican simply didn't vote at all.

Six of the 11 Democratic no votes and non-votes came from Latino legislators.


Two no votes came from San Diego, which, despite its historical reputation, is no longer majority Republican or conservative. What, in particular, was the story with Democrat Juan Vargas?

He's termed-out and planning to run for Congress, explained County Democratic Party Chair Jess Durfee (who is also my housemate).

"Vargas' strategy is to reinvent himself as a moderate with the hope of unseating a popular liberal Democrat in a moderate district," Jess said. "This is another example of how he is pissing off nearly all of San Diego's Democratic activists and leaders. I suspect he'll use this as a tool to get campaign contributions from the right."


So, self-serving, wimpy, waste of space (and a vote) Democrats are the reason for failure. We can count on the Republicans to be assholes. Hell, in the South, they still think it's okay to lynch blacks so what can we expect.

It's the Democrats that PISS me off!!! While I know some good Democrats that would stand side-by-side with me in a fight, most are like "Yeah, that's really bad. I hate it for you. Guess you need to rally your people together better."

Uhhhh, no. And you know what?? FUCK YOU and the smug, arrogant, self-righteous horse you road in on!!!

The "it's not my problem 'cause I'm not gay so go away" attitude by so-called liberals and Democrats has to end. If you can't fight for change and equality, then you should simply be a Republican. If you can't understand the value of "all men are created equal," then don't call yourself a Democrat or a liberal. If the phrase "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" only applies to straight people for you, then get the FUCK out of my party!!!

I prefer not to be stabbed in the back by people who call themselves my friend.

Terry Schiavo's parents are Bastards

The autopsy came out yesterday officially saying that Terry's (will these bastards just let her rest in peace, now?) brain had atrophied to about 50% of its normal size and she was blind, making it impossible for her to recover.

But today, we hear that the sorry ass parents STILL won't let her rest.

Schiavo's parents not swayed by autopsy

Bob and Mary Schindler disputed the results, insisting their daughter interacted with them and tried to speak. Their attorney said the family plans to discuss the autopsy with other medical experts and may take some unspecified legal action.

"We knew all along that Terri was profoundly brain damaged," said Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler. "We simply wanted to bring her home and care for her. It all goes back to this quality of life."


What kind of quality of life did Terry have? She wasn't going to get up and do cartwheels one day. Give up the fucking ghost, Schindlers!!!

The only quality of life you give a damn about is your own. Your time in the limelight and your opportunity to be the poster family for the hardcore, psycho, fundie right.

There will be a special place in hell for parents like you.

MSM is SOMETIMES fair and balanced

Sen. Alexander is defending himself against accusations about not signing the anti-lynching resolution, saying he:

preferred a resolution he introduced called "celebrating Black History Month," which condemned lynching and pledged to address racial disparities in education and health care. His version made no mention of the Senate's failure to ban lynching.


Alexander spokeswoman Alexia Poe said the senator would have voted for the apology if it had come up as a roll call.

(BULLSHIT cough)

All of the 16 senators who did not add their names as co-sponsors were Republicans.


Alexander just thought he wouldn't get caught because it was a voice vote in the middle of the fuckin' night. He's a hatemonger and a racist and he knows it! Plus, he refuses to apologize or even go back and say "Fine, here, I signed on! Happy now?" It's now skin off his back except he would have to admit he is WRONG!!! As we know, Republicans are incapable of THAT!!


The Truth Stinks!

But it's better than being the stink coming from the nearest tree!

In the interim, I missed posting lots of news!!! This one unfortunately is sad but true (oh god, do we dare say true? can we do that in America anymore?)

Howard Dean (YEAH, BABY!!!) tells the world the truth...the Republicans and the Bush Administration are fucking liars!!!

In the SF Chronicle, Dean says:

Republicans are "a pretty monolithic party. They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party."


Don't believe it?

Check this tidbit out:

An anti-lynching resolution came up for voice vote in the Senate the other night to simply APOLOGIZE for America's history of dispicable behavior of hate towards blacks, and guess what, when resolutions come up senators can RETROACTIVELY sign on, even when they weren't present to approve it, to say they WOULD have approved it. However, look at this list of Senators who have yet to sign-on to the resolution:

Lamar Alexander (R-TN); Robert Bennett (R-UT); Thad Cochran (R-MS); John Cornyn (R-TX); Michael Crapo (R-ID); Michael Enzi (R-WY); Chuck Grassley (R-IA); Judd Gregg (R-NH); Orrin Hatch (R-UT); Kay Hutchison (R-TX); Jon Kyl (R-AZ); Trent Lott (R-MS); Richard Shelby (R-AL); John Sununu (R-NH); and Craig Thomas (R-WY)

Lookie, lookie...they're ALL Republicans (the "Big Tent" party itself) and look at how many are from those infamouse Red States we're supposed to give a damn about.

A little NEWS FLASH for the black community:

THE REPUBLICANS HATE YOU!!!! It doesn't matter if you share the same Christian faith or not ('cause they're not real Christians). They want to fool you into voting for them by hating the queers then they'll turn around and screw you!

I heard a new term for folks like the Rice...The Stepford Negro (that came from a black person so don't get pissed at me).

As far as I'm concerned the entire LCR are Stepford Queers.

If folks don't like hearing the truth Dean tells, then stop telling fucking lies!!!

Out of Touch

Sorry I was out of touch for SOOOO long!!!

Work and life get in the way sometimes. That's something Republicans don't understand! hahahahaha

Now...I feel like my old self again!