Something For Fun

Considering I've given up on politics and haven't had much to say (to sum it up though...Dems suck, Repugs suck even more...there!), this is just for pure shits and giggles.

I got tagged over at Pam's House Blend (yeah, I feel the love!) so now it's your turn to suffer.

Fill it out for yourself and pass it on!

1... Things that scare me
My fundie mother
Southern Baptists
Black gay Republicans

2...People who make me laugh
My wife
Suzanne Westenhoffer
This pic of sHillary

3...Things I hate the most
People who tell me I’m not good enough for marriage then cheat on their spouse

4...Things I don't understand
How in the world 30% of Americans are still dumb enough to like Bush
Black gay Republicans
Homophobic “liberals”

5...Things I'm doing right now
Duh…doing this list!
Putting off doing something productive
Watching hawt Jessica Biel in Brade: Trinity (yummmm)
Drinking Canadian Mist

6...Things I want to do before I die
Marry my wife…legally
Have a job I actually look forward to going to
Take my wife on a romantic vacation preferably outside of the U.S.
Learn to kick major ass through some kind of martial arts or weapons training

7... Things I can do
Hehehehe…I could say something SOOOO naughty here
Cook a kickass steak on the grill
Make AWESOME homemade margaritas and martinis

8... Ways to describe my personality
Of few words
Painfully ordinary
Stubborn (how else would you describe someone who hasn’t talked to her bigoted mother in over 3 years)

9... Things I can't do
Home repairs of consequence
Work on the car (aside from washing it)
Sing (well)
---Ditto this from Pam!

10...Things I think you should listen to
your own mind and heart

11...Things you should never listen to
Anyone who thinks you’re going to hell but has never met you

12...Things I'd like to learn
a foreign language so I can get the fuck out of the U.S.
patience and understanding
a useable skill
To be a bartender

13...Favorite foods
a big hunk of steak
Pad Thai
Fajitas (really it’s just an excuse to have margaritas)

14...Beverages I drink regularly
Coke (fuck that diet shit! We’re going to die eventually so we might as well enjoy it while we’re here)
Coffee, definitely the caffeinated version

15...Shows I watched as a kid
Charlie’s Angels
Facts of Life (my teen years anyway…oh, yeah, had a thing for Jo)
The Bugs Bunny and RoadRunner Show (loved those Saturday mornings)
Brady Bunch

16...People I'm tagging (to do this meme)
Anyone who wants to bother