Will They Really Do It?

Dems Growing Convinced that GOP Will Shutdown Government Over Healthcare Reform

Would Republicans and their Tea Party cousins dare to bring government to a halt just to reach their own agenda?

Of course they would, and that's what Democrats and well-informed people fear.

"They are potentially setting up a situation where they will bring government, all of government, to a screeching halt," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said Wednesday. "Not because of the debt ceiling. This is beyond the debt ceiling ... If they think they are going to have the end game of their appropriations bills be that they drive health care reform into an early grave ... they are literally setting up a full stop for almost everything we will possibly do this year."

Unlike Democrats who have sought bipartisianship in passing bills, the ReTeas have no qualms about refusing cooperation with Democrats when it comes to getting what they want. They're like the pouting playground bully that threatens to take the kickball home with him unless everyone plays by his rules. No amount of collaboration, cooperation, or "reaching across the aisle" will satisfy these bullies. At the end of the day, that's all they are, and sometimes the only way to get a bully to lay off is to dish out a little whoop ass of your own.

I'm not sure if the Democrats are up to that, but someone will need to be. At this rate, with the fast track the ReTeas have us on to destroying every gain made for humanity, that'll be the poor disenfranchised minorities who are taking the brunt of the ReTeas attacks. Nothing creates motivation to fight back like homelessness and starvation, especially when you're trying to provide for your family. It's not the power from the top or even an external power from overseas that the ReTeas will have to worry about. They're making enemies of their neighbors and that's never a good idea. Even dogs know better than to shit where they sleep.


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