Marriage Wasn't Enough, part 2

Update to post below.

I JUST HAD to add these two comments from our newspaper online:

What is the difference between homosexuality, beastality, adultery, and any other sex offender ? Well homosexuality and adultery are pretty much accepted. The others are not. Are big employers gonna offer insurance to animals?

The homo fear factor wouldn't be complete without a reference to bestiality.

But this one made me think of a new idea:

I know people who use the ruse of same sex domestic partners to insure their roommates and their roommate’s kids on their insurance. I am sure it is more widespread than we would like to think.

Marriage rights for gay couples would put an end to this. There wouldn't even be a need for DP benefits if we were allowed to marry. Oh well, they voted for it, live with the consequences.


At 07:38, Blogger Kristen said...

Hey Callie, incase you are interested Ellen Goodman has a really good column today, it's worth a read if you get a chance.


Have a great weekend!


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