Tricked on Halloween

Halloween, a Pagan holiday, is being taken over by "christians."

I've always loved Halloween. It's a great time of year with parties, fun, and lots of candy. My partner and I had some kickass Halloween parties back when we had all of our friends in one city. It marks the change in the seasons and I've always LOVED fall (spring I hate, it just means summer is coming and we'll be sweating like freakin' pigs for 4-5 months). But fall and Halloween mean the start of the holiday season (and cooler weather!).

But Halloween is being hijacked by so-called christians. Some of them are handing out candy with Bible quotes attached to them. And they want to claim that gay folks recruit kids? What the hell are they doing? They'll also come knocking on YOUR door, on your private property, and start preaching to you. That happened to me on Halloween this year. I opened the door to what I thought were your average trick or treaters. I should have known something was up when I saw they didn't have any candy in their bags. They were just teenagers being driven around by their parents, but they handed me a "Way to Salvation through Jesus Christ" pamphlet. You know, those corny looking tri-fold things that look like something from the 50s (guess it's appropriate to their mentality).

I don't remember exactly what they said when they handed it to me, but it was something like "we want to let you know that the way to salvation is only through Jesus Christ." It was the last thing I was expected and I just looked at them dumbfounded and said, "Ummm, okay." I wish I had snatched the candy back from them or something but I was speechless at the gall and arrogance of them.

What makes them assume I'm NOT saved? Was it the Vote No sign in my front yard that made them assume since I'm gay or at least gay-friendly that I MUST NEED SAVING? Certainly someone who is gay or a gay ally can't also be a Christian. They're lucky I am a Christian; otherwise, I would have snatched a kink in their nappy little punk asses and drug them back to their daddy's pickup truck by the short hairs.

How dare they be so presumptuous and arrogant as to come on my private property and try to preach to me!


At 16:50, Blogger bushfailed said...

Posted by ProudSelfishHedonist on November 3, 2006 at 02:54 PM

i had to go pick up my kids from school and i just read your post
it was by no way my intention to say your cause is not just
i am an african american woman with 3 african american children and i know what it is to feel as if your less than human
i am also a nurse and i know many homosexual coworkers and patients
if you would like me to march with you on Washington all you have to do is ask and i'm right there with you
i have been an advocate for my patients and coworkers rights many times

i simply question our tactics, is it an issue our candidates are able to take on
there were no candidates for african american civil rights, there were no candidates for the woman's right to choose, it was the people that took to the streets and demanded it!!!

as i said i may be stupid but i think our candidates need to work hard on fixing a broken government, by fixing our quality of life in this country for all of our citizens and i will fearlessly fight for your rights to make our country better, i botched my post earlier so i apologize ;-)

Posted by bushfailed on November 3, 2006 at 04:40 PM

...in case you didn't get a chance to read my post to you on the DNC blog

At 09:59, Blogger Jerry Maneker said...

Callie: I used to invite Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons into my home when they would come knocking, and try to have discussions with them. All they were trying to do was to "lay their trip" on me and had absolutely no interest in discussing anything. One Mormon boy, about 20 years old, even walked out on me, along with his partner, as I was telling them that maybe when they got older, and saw how many grey areas of life there were, they wouldn't be so dogmatic in how they look at life and at Christianity.

The best comeback I heard of was when they come 'a knockin, just say to them: "Now, tell me why your view of Christinity is better than my view? I haven't had the chance yet to use this line, but I have every intention of doing so when a fundamentalist comes to my door.

At 13:17, Blogger RedStateExile said...

BF, Don't get me wrong, I just get fed up with hearing my life discussed as a "wedge issue."

You're right, the candidates need to be dealing with a multitude of other matters and maybe candidates didn't stand for civil rights in the past (however, I seem to remember JFK being for black civil rights). On the flip side, there's a big difference between a candidate simply not taking a stand either way and one that actively antagonizes and agitates against civil rights.

If Democratic candidates can't/won't bring themselves to be supportive, they need to shut up. Don't take an antagonistic side, just say nothing. They're more likely to get my vote if they say nothing and I have no record to judge by than one that I KNOW is actively against me.

Ford would have gotten my vote if he'd just said nothing.

At 13:19, Blogger RedStateExile said...

That's a pretty good comeback, Jerry! I'll have to remember that one when I'm in the mood to debate. In this instance, I was just aggravated by the presumption that I wasn't a Christian.

Maybe I'm not a Christian in their eyes, but then maybe they're not one in my eyes. In the end, it doesn't matter who thinks we're a Christian or not, except God.

At 13:13, Blogger Denise said...

I took my kids downtown for the city-sponsored trick or treat "carnival". When we got home I found that each of them had religious tracts mixed in with their candy. (Along with some campaign stickers.)


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