Oh The Irony!

These are two front page images taken from our local paper, The Tennessean, a few days back. What do you think when you see this?

For those who don't know, Sara Evans is a country singer and this story has been talked about ad nauseum in our local paper. She's accused him of adultery and porn addiction. Now, apparently, he's accusing her of the same.

I can SOOOO see now how my gay relationship totally destroyed this marriage, can't you?


At 12:30, Blogger egalia said...

Good catch, Callie. I wonder if someone at the Tennessean knows what she/he is doing?

At 20:04, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Could be...you know, we infiltrate EVERYTHING! It's that damn liberal, gay-lovin' media, you know? ;)

At 06:45, Blogger Callas4Ever said...

Truly, you have to wonder . . .

At 22:17, Blogger Kathy said...

Yeah, I'm sure you and your girlfriend forced Sara's husband to look at porn and run around on her. It's amazing how much psychic power lesbians have. ;)

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At 09:25, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Well, if it was lesbian porn, Kathy, of course it's all our fault! But, they fail to mention that even most "lesbian" porn was created by straight men. And most of it is really stupid, not that most porn isn't stupid, but VERY unrealistic!


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