The Short Discussion on Mark Foley

With all of the hoopla about Mark Foley (is he gay/isn't he? is he a pedophile/isn't he? did the pages trap him or not? yada yada yada), the short discussion of this issue is HE WAS WRONG!!!

It doesn't matter if the pages were under 18 or not. It doesn't matter if he's gay or not. It doesn't matter if the pages were trying to trap him or provoke him or not.

In this situation, Mark Foley was the adult. He had the privilege of power over young men. HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!

So what if the pages egged him on? He's still the adult and should have kept a professional distance from anyone under 18.

I used to be a teacher and I had more than one female student hit on me. No matter what though I ALWAYS, ALWAYS remembered that I WAS THE ADULT and I knew which lines were never crossed. I honestly don't understand or comprehend what 30, 40, 50 year olds see in teenagers.

It's a stupid discussion, and Mark Foley is simply wrong. He needs to go. Those who covered for him need to go. If a politician can hide, lie, and cover like that, what else are they hiding?


At 11:46, Blogger Stuffed Animal said...

Thanks for the clarity, Callie. We definitely need some right now. I'm going to try and lend the issue a little clarity myself with a forthcoming blogpost titled "Homosexuality 101." BTW, for those who consider such things important, the proper description of Mark Foley's behavior with teenage boys is PEDERASTY. And, just as you say, it's every bit as objectionable as pedophilia.


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