Letter to Harold Ford

I got a mailing from the Democratic Party and the Ford Campaign the other day. It irked me because he's such a lying little bastard. I sent this letter back to him along with his mailing (maybe I should smear it in some of my dog's shit too because that's what his words are worth...shit):

Mr. Ford,

I received this mailing the other day encouraging me to vote for you. Thanks very much. I appreciate the personal touch.

Something the mailing said though kind of bothered me. It mentioned that you want to “enable communities and families to thrive.” That’s noble and a great thing to stand up for.

Did you consider, sir, that by voting away my ability to marry the person I love that you have DISabled me from being able to help my family thrive? The $2500 my partner and I will have to spend on legal documents just to visit each other in the hospital, which probably won’t even be acknowledged in a court of law after Nov. 7th, could have been used for so much more. The additional legal costs to defend these documents in court can’t even be calculated. Did you know that a Tennessee man had to spend $300K on lawyer fees just to get property back from his deceased partner’s family? He had all of the legal documents too. I could have given it to your campaign if you’d been more tolerant and supportive of ALL families, or maybe I could have put that money away for a college fund for our kids so they won’t have to rely on federal loans. Would it be wiser and more prudent to allow us to marry so we can provide the insurance and benefits marriage provides or to rely on government programs?

It would have been so easy for you to simply say, when you spoke out against our relationships, that no family should be penalized for simply being a family (that’s not a bad thing, you know), and that we as a state should consider ways, if not marriage then something, to help ALL families thrive.

Sir, do you want ALL families to thrive or just heterosexual families? As a black man, you should realize that families come in all forms and sometimes they’re not always blood or marriage related. What about those families, Mr. Ford?

You’re doing more than obtaining your goal of hurting gay people. You’re hurting entire communities, groups, and even the state of Tennessee. Is that your goal?

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I didn’t vote for you. I cannot and will not support anyone who doesn’t support my family.



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