Spiritual event wants GodMen, not girly men

WHY do these things always start in Nashville? Jesus! (no pun intended) I thought I had improved things by moving from Alabama, but the idiots of this world just keep following me.

Testosterone-fueled alternative to Promise Keepers debuts here

At the daylong GodMen event downtown Saturday, men will be able to cuss, smoke cigars, watch videos of football pileups and car crashes, listen to specially composed Christian rock songs such as "Testosterone High" and attend workshops on how to fight pornography addiction.

It's an effort to connect Christian men alienated by traditional church settings or men's groups with their "spiritual masculinity," said Brad Stine, a Christian stand-up comic behind the conference.

"Men are different," Stine said. "They're aggressive. They connect with sports. They jump. They scream. They've got passions that are more difficult to subdue, like lust. And a lot of things that make men energized just don't make it into church.

"A lot of church is feminine. We want to let men know that just for today, being a guy is OK. It's good enough. There's an army that will help you."

WTF?! Since when has being spiritual (notice they didn't say being Christian) about smoking, cussing, and violence??? They say the church has been feminized. That's a bad thing? Ladies, watch out for any man that would succumb to an event like this. Next thing you know, he'll be proving how Godly he is by slapping you back into your rightful place as his breeder and caregiver.

Maybe it's just me but I don't seem to recall Jesus scratching his balls while watching Nascar then slappin' his ho Mary Magdalene when she didn't watch his feet properly.


At 14:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you more! I mean, I'm all about God being in every part of my life, but I believe that also means that I should choose to have things in my life that are "God-like." I don't know about you but scriptures like "everything is permissable for me but not everything is beneficial" and "be in the world but not of the world" keep ringing in my head. What ever happened to the concept of self-control?


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