Almost Over

Thank God this damn mid-term election cycle is almost over! I have a severe love-hate relationship with politics. I'll be honest though, if my personal relationship with my partner wasn't at stake, I probably wouldn't give two hoots as to what is going on. I'd numbly go to the voting booth and vote a straight Dem ticket and be done with it, but NOOO I have to have my personal life up for a vote so now it's all very personal to me. Imagine that! Now I know that I had no options for a gay-friendly Dem candidate in TN and I also know that several of my neighbors think I'm less of a human being than them. Nice...

This frustration and angst is manifesting itself now in my DREAMS! Thank goodness this only happened last night. If I had been going through these kind of dreams for weeks, I would have run from this state screaming by now.

I remember this of the dream:
I open my front door, not expecting anything unusual, to see my neighbor and a black friend of his (surprise, he looks kind of like Harold Ford! NOT!) in my front yard, kicking and stomping my Vote No on 1 sign. They're laughing and cackling as they do this.

I lose it. I start screaming every obsenity in the book: "get your sorry f***in' ass off my property!" and "I'm gonna kick your motherf***in' ass!" I grab my weedeater that is sitting on my front porch (odd because I never keep it there, but I guess I needed a weapon in my dream) and gripping it at the skinny end, motor out, I start swinging at the little shits for all I'm worth.

You know how sometimes you don't feel strong in your dreams, like when you try to punch someone and it seems like you're barely moving. I didn't feel that AT ALL in this dream. I was a machine of pure, unadulterated vicious anger, and I was going for blood.

I don't remember making contact, but I do remember seeing them fleeing for their sorry lives with their tails between their legs. It felt damn good, and by God, if anyone ever does something like that, I think I just might lose it.

Like I said, I'll be glad when this is over. Then we'll just get ready for round 2 when the fundies start going after our adoption rights and hospital visitation rights. Think it's over? Think again. This is only one battle in the war.


At 06:24, Blogger Stuffed Animal said...


Ford is outta there! I hope he learned his lesson: That you can't outbigot the bigots and expect to win with principled Democratic voters. The LesBiGay vote went solidly against him, I'd bet on it!


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