Feel Safer?

Only 5% of the precincts are reporting, but as of 8pm:

TN Constitution Amendment #1
Precincts Reporting = 5.3%

Yes 297,928 83.7%
No 58,142 16.3%

I wonder, does my neighbor feel sufficiently safe now? Am I no longer dangerous to his marriage? Does he have so little trust in himself and/or his wife that he has to keep my life in check?

With numbers like this though, I can't help but wonder how many people I know voted against me. That's the truly disturbing part.

as of 11:00pm

Statewide results
Phil Bredesen (D) 1,107,680 68.5%
Jim Bryson (R) 484,476 29.9%
*Bryson has conceded

Bob Corker (R) 832,403 51.2%
Harold Ford Jr. (D) 773,542 47.6%

The Let's Fu*k Queers Over Amendment
Yes 1,264,704 80.7%
No 301,695 19.3%

Davidson County results on the amendment:
Yes 75,083 73.4%
No 27,248 26.6%

I comfort myself with the little piece of news that my east Nashville neighborhood we strong Vote No supporters.

Yet, it is sad to know that the rights of me and my family has been decided by only 27.4% of registered voters.

Another little thing that is kind of flipping me out here. One precinct is reporting these results:
Pearl Cohn School 18,168-Yes 0-No out of only 1,182 registered voters.

Hmmmm, what's wrong with this picture?


At 11:50, Blogger Jerry Maneker said...

I'm sorry about the Proposition, Callie. But it was predictable in Tennessee and in most of the "Red States." But I'm also glad that Ford lost (presuming all the ballot votes have been counted).

At 18:34, Blogger John Hosty said...

We knew going in this was an uphill battle Callie, but my heart still goes out to you. Tomorrow I do battle with my own legislators here in Massachusetts, but I suspect that we will fair well. It may be expensive to live in, but I love the steely resolve of this state.

Tennessee will come around, it just may take a little longer. First the was Gary Studds all alone in Congress, now we just elected, no lie, 67 gay reps throughout the country! One day at a time the river moves the mountain...

At 18:22, Blogger RedStateExile said...

This isn't the end, Jerry. As you know, fundamentalist extremists won't stop at keeping us from marrying. We have a long struggle ahead of us.


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