Bitching about Progress

In New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, and many other states, positive strides have been made in either passing nondiscrimination policies and/or civil union/domestic partnership legislation.

Some people crap on the idea of CUs or DPs because it's only half a loaf. I agree. We are not nearly done with this fight. Marriage is the ultimate goal for many of us (though I will agree not all of us). In fact, some GLBT folks would be more than happy to only have CUs or DPs because they don't want to be "like the hets." We know we are different and have accepted our difference. On the other hand, some of us want the benefits of commitment and fidelity. I've been with my partner for 11 1/2 years, we own a home together, share our finances, I've changed my name, and now we're having a child together. The commitment should count for something on the legal and civil field.

In Tennessee, it doesn't. Plain and simple.

Some GLBT folks think that we should tell society to shove their half loaf up their ass. Some of us are grateful for those crumbs...temporarily.

I will venture to say that when you have nothing, literally an environment where you may be acknowledged as existing but where you can also be legally denied recognition, something is better than nothing. I'd take that something over nothing right now. I think it's the fact that I have a child on the way that drives my attitude. It's bullshit to even have to worry about the possibility of being denied access to the delivery room when my partner goes into labor. A man never has to consider this when his wife goes into labor. Why should I?


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