The Celebration of Stupid...and Crazy

I got some flack a few days back about calling people "stupid" that don't agree with me politically. You'd think the comment came from a conservative-leaning friend who was trying to get me to see the error of my attitude and that such harsh language would only push people away and never get them to listen, wouldn't you? But no, this came from a self-proclaimed liberal who is quite intellectual and far from stupid.

To me, it's fascinating how the more sophomorish and resistant the GOP and Teabaggers get, the more accommodating and tolerant the so-called liberals get towards them. I've been hearing on blogs and so forth everything from "name-calling makes us no better than them...we should rise above!" to "just ignore them and they'll go away".

REPUBLICANS AND THEIR TEABAGGER INBRED COUSINS ARE BULLIES!!!! Nothing but low-class playground bullies!

They will not go away and they will not stop.

How many years and how many times do we have to "reach across the aisle" only to get bitchslapped before we realize that nothing will change until we fight back?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying fight violence and hatred with more violence and hatred. But I am saying, call a fucking spade a spade. Quit being such fucking pussies!

Liberals, progressives, Democrats, whatever label we feel comfortable with today...we may be smart enough to see these nutcases for what they are and we...in our infinite wisdom and higher order thinking...roll our eyes in amusement and think "let 'em talk, they're digging their own grave and handing us political fodder for the next election." Yet, what we forget is that most people aren't like us. The highlight of their days are watching "American Idol", Alabama football, and WWE wrestling. For a little edumacation (yes, I misspelled that deliberately), they'll tune into Glenn Beck rant about shooting liberals in the head, call it entertainment and a joke, then ignore a Democrat Congresswoman get shot in the head. Oh, but Alabama won their goddamn football game!!! Yeehaw!!!

We're a reality show nation raised on fast food, violent video games, and Jerry Springer. Our children can't write a sentence when they graduate high school, but by God, they can shoot a fucking gun, fart the Pledge of Allegiance, and organize a prayer chain for little Bobby Jo Muffintop who has brain cancer from too much meth and smacks in the head from her baby daddy.

We may roll our eyes and think that surely nothing bad can ever happen to our nation, that the horrors of history (the bigotry, violence, and genocide) could never touch our precious "land of the free" soil. But, we're not the ones running the show. The patients are loose in the asylum and it's all just so damn funny to everyone...but us.

See for yourself:
The Palin Problem

Who Really Controls America?

GOP's War on the Sick

CA Governor Receives Death Threats

Progressive Professor Receives Death Threats After Glenn Beck Targets Her

The MLK Day Parade Bomb

"Mass Bloodshed" May be Necessary if Roe Not Overturned

And of course, when we talk about stupid and crazy, this woman's picture is next to it in the dictionary:

Palin Says She "Won't Shut Up"

I would say that someone needs to stick a penis in her mouth and shut her up, but even her cheating husband doesn't want THAT job!!!

Episcopal Church No Longer Christian Because It Supports Gay Rights

AL Governor: Only Christians are My Brothers and Sisters

And FINALLY...the interactive map of recent domestic terrorist attacks against liberals and government.

I stand by my comments that people ARE stupid and we as a society celebrate that stupidity. We encourage it. Even intelligent, normally liberal and open-minded people I know have fallen for the lies from Fox News, Beck, Palin, et al. If those kind of people are stupid enough to fall for it, how can we expect that meth head getting knocked around by her boyfriend to know any different?


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