NOT Amused

Hmmmm, when the election was in full swing and I was actually wanting to believe in John Kerry, I signed up for emails from his camp. Since the election, I get swamped with these feel good pieces about how he's going to head some fight or the other against the current administration.

Today, I got a little diddy about the new Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, and how he was going to fight for civil rights, privacy rights, and Roe v. Wade (because these are all things Roberts has gone on record against).

I'm sorry...but after Kerry sold the gay folks out on their civil rights during the debates and even said he would vote to overturn gay marriage back in his home state of Massachusetts, I found that fighting statement TOO FUNNY!!!

So when I got to the end of the letter and it asked for comments or questions to be posed to Roberts at the confirmation hearing, this is what I said (I've waited a LONG TIME to say these words to him):

Sen. Kerry,

Judge Roberts being nominated to the Supreme Court is vitally important to many people in our country. However, I have to wonder if these confirmation hearings will be nothing more than grandstanding and showboating. This is like an elaborate interview where the candidate already knows the questions he will be asked. Certainly, he is (or has) practiced the answers to the questions and is being coached on what to say and what not to say. We all know he will be confirmed. If for no other reason, than our elected representatives have yet to show any backbone on the social issues that the Republican Right continues to attack on. You even ran from a very basic civil rights issue for the gay and lesbian community during the campaign. Now, you are saying we need to defend civil rights and you will be running the lead on this. I have yet to see this happen, Sen. Kerry. I have yet to see anyone in Congress grow a backbone and truly defend civil rights. While our Canadian neighbors to the north and other countries around the world begin to recognize the humanity and dignity of our relationships, Americans give lip service to civil rights, freedom, liberty, and justice as loving couples are separated during crisis and death in order to protect YOUR marriage. Last night, as Canada approved marriage equality, a quote from an email was read that said, "You have no idea what a difference it makes to the human spirit to know that you are treated equally under the law."

I have waited a long time to tell you these things, Sen. Kerry. You let me, and millions of other gay couples, down during the campaign. You had a chance to become one of the great leaders of this country and turn this nation around, but you choose a course of least resistance. Now, you ask for my help?

You don't get my help without earning my trust.

No Idea

"You have no idea what a difference it makes to the human spirit to know that you are treated equally under the law."

These were the last words spoken in the debate last night as Canada became the first new world country, and the fourth country worldwide, to recognize equality for gay couple.

As our country debates the rights of gay people, even the most simple thing as visiting our partner's in the hospital, isn't this what it comes down to?

The desire of hateful people to break the human spirit of those they despise.

As we lynched black people and forced their families to watch many years ago, wasn't that our same goal? To break their spirit?

My spirit is broken. This country is broken because it enjoys and revels in my destruction. Are you happy now? You have succeeded.

Congratulations Canada! Congratulations for being better humans than us. Congratulations to our gay brothers and sisters in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain who enjoy the rights to freedoms we will only dream about today, tomorrow, and possible forever.

This is the America YOU made! ARE YOU HAPPY???!!!





Leaving on a Jetplane

I'm going to be away for a few days on a business trip to New York. I'm excited (a little) but I always worry. Every trip when I leave, especially when I'm without my partner, I worry. Then again, that is in my nature.

If you've read my posts though, you know this. I concern myself with tomorrow and the next day and the next day. There are times when I feel like I haven't done enough with my life or made the impact I wanted to make. That was part of doing this blog. Maybe I thought someone, somewhere, someday may read it and think "Damn, I never thought about that. I never realized what gay people deal with on a day-to-day basis."

I leave the house and I wonder if I will make it home. Today I leave and wonder if I will see my partner again. I don't think that makes me any different than any straight person. After terrorist bombings in London, you can't help but worry a little.

Does it make me any different from a straight person though to worry about my partner being left to deal with being kicked out of our house, being unable to have access to our finances, being unable to take care of my burial arrangements or have my remains, being unable to have the new SUV we just bought JUST because we don't have a little piece of paper saying we're married???

It's so stupid that our world is like this. That we turn everything relevant on a piece of paper. We've been committed for 10 years. Does that mean nothing? To all of those handling the "paperwork," yes, it does mean nothing. If I'm gone tomorrow, "we" don't exist to anyone but in our memories.

That's sad really.

I want to marry my partner. Not for all of those privileges that the straight world thinks nothing of with their piece of paper. Not to force myself through a church door and demand my rights. Not to have some silly, overdone, hooky, frilly dress and ceremony.

I want to marry her because I LOVE HER. I don't care if another living soul is present to give their blessing. I don't care if it is in a church or a clerk's office. I don't even care if we're wearing jeans and T-shirts.

I LOVE HER and I just want her to know it with every fiber of my being. That I would go to the ends of the earth to prove that love. Nothing, no one can come between us.


South Africa may become the 5th nation to legalize gay marriage!!!


I find it amazing that a nation that only a short time ago I remember ending apartheid has moved with lightening speed forward on gay rights.

Read this article and you will learn that marriage is all that is left to give!

They can have domestic partnerships! They can adopt each other's children! They have immigration rights!


We should be ashamed to have these other countries running circles around us on basic civil rights...


Right Wing Shows True Colors

A Letter to the Editor in our local paper The Tennessean today shows the true colors of the right wing over the judicial nomination. He literally has glee over our impending downfall and hastens Bush to hurry up and fill O'Connor's spot with a conservative.


When the president nominates someone for the Supreme Court who sends NOW, Michael Moore and Al Franken into fits of hysterics, those same conservatives can be reenergized and defeat the liberal agenda again.

Then, as is almost certain, when Chief Justice William Rehnquist also retires and President Bush nominates a second conservative to the court, the liberals will really suffer. Howard Dean's Iowa scream will be nothing compared to the weeping and gnashing of teeth seen when this occurs.

Of COURSE, I HAD to respond and sent my own letter. We'll see if it gets published. Even if it doesn't, at least it's always here:

In Art Darden’s recent letter (“Democrats will hinder justice nominee process,” July 7), one could not help but sense the underlying glee and joy for the coming oppression of the “minority.” What kind of party creates a mindset like this? Since when have we as an American people, who once believed in freedom and liberty, suddenly hoped with anticipation at the downfall of an entire group of fellow citizens? How can we dance in folly as we squash other Americans hopes and dreams beneath our feet then call ourselves “compassionate?” Certainly we are better than this! I hope any decent human being can see through such vileness and support moderation, fairness, and equality on our highest bench of justice.



Tolcha So...

G.O.P. Asks Conservative Allies to Cool Rhetoric Over the Court

Published: July 6, 2005

WASHINGTON, July 5 - The White House and the Senate Republican leadership are pushing back against pressure from some of their conservative allies about the coming Supreme Court nomination, urging them to stop attacking Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales as a potential nominee and to tone down their talk of a culture war.

In a series of conference calls on Tuesday and over the last several days, Republican Senate aides encouraged conservative groups to avoid emphasizing the searing cultural issues that social conservatives see at the heart of the court fight, subjects like abortion, public support for religion and same-sex marriage, participants said.

Instead, these participants, who insisted on anonymity to avoid exclusion from future calls, said the aides - including Barbara Ledeen of the Senate Republican Conference and Eric Ueland, chief of staff to Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader - emphasized themes that had been tested in polls, including a need for a fair and dignified confirmation process.

Mr. Ueland acknowledged that he and others had been working almost since the vacancy occurred last Friday with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation to persuade conservative activists to steer clear of divisive language.

"Every contact we have with these folks is 'stay on message, stay on purpose,' " Mr. Ueland said. "The extremism of language, if there is to be any, should be demonstrably on the other side. The hysteria and the foaming at the mouth ought to come from the left."


OHHHHHHH, yes, they have backed us into a corner!!! Any response or reaction by a Democrat or a liberal other than complete and utter acquiesence will be seen as obstruction. YOU CAN BET ON IT!!!!

In southern speak, they have "called off the dogs" and if we don't do the same then you can bet we will have hell to pay for it. THIS is what we get for being nice! THIS is what we get for placating! THIS is what we get for compromising!

Welcome to the Third Reich and the New World Order!

Dude, We're So Gettin' Screwed!!!

Okay, folks, I just read an editorial in my local paper that smacked of high-falutin' hope, goodwill, and expectant leadership from the Bush and the Senate over a Supreme Court nominee. Oh, it was pretty and flowery, and enough to make you stop and think, "You know, maybe I should give ol' George a break and just wait to see what he does."


Man, we are SO setting ourselves up to be SCREWED every which way from Sunday!!!

Do you think the fundie right wing pressure on the Prez to nominate a "like-minded" person is a fluke? Do you REALLY think it's a fluke that the Prez is telling the fundies to "tone down the heated rhetoric"?

C'mon, it's part of the game! It's part of the plan!

If the fundies stir the shit pot and Bush says, "Hey, calm down" then certainly it will make anyone he nominates look like a potential moderate.

Uhhhhh, don't bet on it!!! Bush would NO MORE put another O'Connor on that bench lose his opportunity at total domination for the next 50 or so years than I would turn down a chance to bitch slap Mary Cheney and her little bitch too (oh, what's her name? the one that never is shown in the light of day or at public family gatherings?)!! ;)

This is Bush's chance, his shining moment, to turn back every piece of legislation for women, gays, minorities, and heck, the individual American! Don't think it's too outrageous for a new SC to undo Roe v. Wade, Texas v. Lawrence, overrule the Massachusetts gay marriage ruling, curtail voting rights and prescribe new voting regulations, and if you thing the Terry Schiavo deal was a one time deal, think again. Do you want a SC that will intervene and make medical decisions for you and overrule your wishes? Do you want a SC to decide how each individual can achieve "pursuit of happiness" as long as it as at the whim and discretion of the majority?

Wake up, pay attention, or your rights will be the next ones on the chopping block.



Looking for Liberty in America

Withholding a marriage certificate remains one of the few remaining ways of limiting full citizenship to some among us who are perceived to be alien or 'other.' How do we square this with the frequent biblical admonition to 'treat the alien in our midst as a citizen?' Not to tolerate. Not to grant second class status. But to treat as citizens.

-June 28, 2005, UCC President,
Rev. John H. Thomas in his speech endorsing a marriage resolution just days before the annual meeting
of the General Synod


Hope you guys had a great 4th of July...I'm still waiting to become a full and equal citizen.

Somebody tell me how it feels to fully celebrate being an American because I wouldn't know.


Stand Up...Speak Out

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has repeatedly been a moderate voice on the bench, has announced her retirement. The door Bush and his right wing fundamentalist supporters have been waiting for has come to pass.

July 4th is just a couple of days away. It's time to remember what our country stands for and it's NOT for adding discrimination to the Constitution, backpedaling on personal and individual rights, or demanding a strict interpretation of the Constitution as it stands with no openness to extension of basic civil rights.

Our country stands for freedom, independence, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equal opportunity, and justice for all. The Supreme Court that Bush and his minions want to force on Americans DO NOT stand for any of these things.

Today is the day we as Americans declare our independence from the tyranny of extremism or do nothing and accept the enslavement of our rights and freedoms.