Dude, We're So Gettin' Screwed!!!

Okay, folks, I just read an editorial in my local paper that smacked of high-falutin' hope, goodwill, and expectant leadership from the Bush and the Senate over a Supreme Court nominee. Oh, it was pretty and flowery, and enough to make you stop and think, "You know, maybe I should give ol' George a break and just wait to see what he does."


Man, we are SO setting ourselves up to be SCREWED every which way from Sunday!!!

Do you think the fundie right wing pressure on the Prez to nominate a "like-minded" person is a fluke? Do you REALLY think it's a fluke that the Prez is telling the fundies to "tone down the heated rhetoric"?

C'mon, it's part of the game! It's part of the plan!

If the fundies stir the shit pot and Bush says, "Hey, calm down" then certainly it will make anyone he nominates look like a potential moderate.

Uhhhhh, don't bet on it!!! Bush would NO MORE put another O'Connor on that bench lose his opportunity at total domination for the next 50 or so years than I would turn down a chance to bitch slap Mary Cheney and her little bitch too (oh, what's her name? the one that never is shown in the light of day or at public family gatherings?)!! ;)

This is Bush's chance, his shining moment, to turn back every piece of legislation for women, gays, minorities, and heck, the individual American! Don't think it's too outrageous for a new SC to undo Roe v. Wade, Texas v. Lawrence, overrule the Massachusetts gay marriage ruling, curtail voting rights and prescribe new voting regulations, and if you thing the Terry Schiavo deal was a one time deal, think again. Do you want a SC that will intervene and make medical decisions for you and overrule your wishes? Do you want a SC to decide how each individual can achieve "pursuit of happiness" as long as it as at the whim and discretion of the majority?

Wake up, pay attention, or your rights will be the next ones on the chopping block.



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