Southern Baptists hit Nashville

Nashvillians survived the Southern Baptist Convention!

They did their rounds of door-to-door evangelizing (funny, I thought queers were supposed to recruit! Hmmmm) this past Saturday.

I posted my sign that said "Your Freedom of Speech ends where my Right to Privacy begins! No Trespassing! No Soliciting! No Proselytizing!" on my front door. It must have worked like garlic on a vampire because I escaped their wrath.

It has been funny to travel downtown during the convention to get home. The downtown area is crawling with fundies and they have their little name tags around their necks (even little kids have them!). I have to tell you though...these people are the ugliest people who dress up for nothing.

My partner calls church the "Sunday show and tell" because of the outfits and stories people tell about their perfect families and kids.

They did it downtown too. Men in suits and women in their nicest dresses in 90 degree heat. But by God, if they weren't going to show how "good Christians" look, sound, and act (i.e. rich and dapper). Reminds me of this poor homeless woman that came to my church once. She had only a pair of slacks and a blouse that mismatched, but at least she came to church. I overheard my Sunday School teacher's wife tell someone else, "You would think she could at least find a dress."

That's the Southern Baptist version of Christian love for you! Welcome to the South!


At 11:12, Blogger jenny said...

everything with them is about appearances. if they looked outside like they are inside, they'd look like snakes. their hearts are black.

At 09:28, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Even though it was reported that the Southern Baptists are taking a more mild approach to gays, don't let it fool you. There is a sneakiness underlying this because they don't want to look TOO hateful or unchristian. They want to be able to say "but we extended our love and hearts to the damned to try and save their souls" so we look like we are soulless and heartless.

You know why I'm not fooled by this? Because it's the same tactic my mother has been trying to use on my for the last few years. She pretends to "accept" my partner but makes snide comments about us. In the end, she feels like she can say she was nothing but loving and open to us and I was the heartless bitch that refused to talk to her.

It's passive aggressive behavior and the Southern Baptists are GREAT at it!!!


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