MSM is SOMETIMES fair and balanced

Sen. Alexander is defending himself against accusations about not signing the anti-lynching resolution, saying he:

preferred a resolution he introduced called "celebrating Black History Month," which condemned lynching and pledged to address racial disparities in education and health care. His version made no mention of the Senate's failure to ban lynching.


Alexander spokeswoman Alexia Poe said the senator would have voted for the apology if it had come up as a roll call.

(BULLSHIT cough)

All of the 16 senators who did not add their names as co-sponsors were Republicans.


Alexander just thought he wouldn't get caught because it was a voice vote in the middle of the fuckin' night. He's a hatemonger and a racist and he knows it! Plus, he refuses to apologize or even go back and say "Fine, here, I signed on! Happy now?" It's now skin off his back except he would have to admit he is WRONG!!! As we know, Republicans are incapable of THAT!!


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