"Justice Sunday"

So today’s “Justice Sunday”! TN Sen. Bill Frist along with several religious leaders are trying to force the hands of senators and the religious minded into believing that only the “good Christians” support destroying the filibuster.

Funny, I didn’t think destroying open discussion and honest dialogue, protecting minorities from the tyranny of the majority, in our nation’s capitol was a Christian value. Gee, there are a lot of beliefs and concepts I didn’t realize were Christian values. Now if we don’t go along with what Frist and Co. value then we aren’t only bad Christians but we’re actually god haters and against people of faith. Let’s never mind the fact that many people against destroying the filibuster are Christians. Then again, I guess as long as these extremist religious right vigilantes falsely believe they are THE persecuted minority we’ll fight these battles back over and over again.

However, let’s consider this logically. It’s estimated at least 80+% of the population believes in some kind of higher power. If the U.S. population was fairly split in the elections 50/50 and we can reasonably transfer that split to this filibuster debate, then we would have to assume that upwards of 50% of the U.S. population hates God or people of faith. Umm, this is utter bullshit! Hopefully, people will have a little fucking common sense to know better than to fall for this.


At 13:31, Blogger Robert P said...

Hey Callie,

I've been doing some reading, from now on I belive my stock response to CorporaCons when they pull the Christian card will be "For whenever thou judgest another, thou condemest thyself. For thou that judgest does the same things."

At 19:30, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Hey Chuckles! I don't think they'll get it. They only see the speck in another's eye, not in their own (from the words of their famous leader).


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