Kansas preachers elated over keeping gay couples from having equal rights! Posted by Hello

This past week, I experienced severe cognitive dissonance.

Last week, my partner and I were sitting quietly in a Chik-fil-A eating lunch when I realized Christian music was being piped in over the speakers. Now, if you're a Red Stater like me, you've probably assumed that all Chik-fil-A's closed on Sunday's for employees to go to church and spend time with family. Signs in the restaurants actually refer to this philosophy. Go up North though and these same Chik-fil-A's are open, 'kay, so it's just a marketing ploy to get the church folk to spend money there. Anyway, I started feeling kind of sick and dirty just being there so we hurrying up and left. Not to mention, the sorority rich chick with kid in tow and a "W: The President" cap sitting behind us didn't make me feel any less nauseous.

So this week, I make an ordinary call to Border's about a book. I get put on hold while the clerk checks to see if it's in the store. Guess what I endure while on hold, yep, more Christian music! It's Border's for crying out loud! I wasn't calling the Southern Baptist Convention bookstore! Though irritated, I let it go. Later that day, I went to pick up said book (since they had it) and as I was leaving the parking garage, I noticed the little guy in the toll booth watching Benny Hinn (the slap you on the head, knock you down, "be healed" televangelist).

That's when I got REALLY freaked out and it hit me how much our country is getting overrun by the evangelicals. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against religion, but when someone feels obligated to take over government, society, interfere in personal family decisions (i.e. poor Terri Schaivo), and gay-bashing, pedophile-protecting pontiffs are mourned for days on end and could be made into saints.

Two articles I read today summed it ALL up, so I have to share:


Someone explain to me how it is that Christians can be SO happy about others despair. How can the two Kansas preachers at the top be joyous over keeping gay couples, some with children, from having basic protections? How is it Christian (you know, Christ-like) to go to extraordinary lengths to make another person's life a living hell?

As a side note to the Kansas story, Sprint and SBC Communications said they would continue to offer domestic partner benefits to their employees; however, conservative Kansas Christians led by Rev. Terry Fox are fighting to take the companies to court and are encouraged to move on to other fights such as evolution and abortion clinics. In fact, Fox suggest that the Democratic governor would oppose them at her "own peril."


Where does this madness stop?


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