More Rights, Please

A bill has been introduced in the House and Senate and has bipartisan support to protect worker's religious activities.

"The Workplace Religious Freedom Act ...bill would expand the rights of some employees in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in a way that would require employers to engage in efforts to accommodate an employee's religious practices and observances at the expense of other employees' civil rights."


Dude, pass some civil rights this way. I haven't seen anyone discriminated against because of their religion at work. In fact, I see more co-workers take time off for bar mitzvahs, christenings, "Christian" weddings, mission trips, etc., but I will only post on this blog at home because God forbid (no pun intended) that my political or "personal" activity may be traced on my work computer. Don't think I don't sweat it every time I march in a Pride Parade or attend a protest against one of the numerous amendments.

Don't talk to me about discrimination. These folks have NO CLUE!


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