Sorry Excuses for Fathers and our Leaders

With victories come other steps backwards. There's nothing like having someone always there to 'bitchslap' you back into place.

One thing I can say for Mary Cheney is that AT LEAST her father isn't as bad as Alan Keyes! At least Dick has the decency not to act like one when it comes to his daughter, not too much in public anyway. During the debates, Dick did say gays have a right to enter into any relationship they wanted to. Now, he didn't say we get to have the same rights heteros do, just that we can be in a relationship (gee, thanks). Keyes, on the other hand, after his daughter Maya comes out and he kicks her out of the house has the nerve to still say a "gay union would annililate" marriage.

This man, a black man at that, can't get past his hate for one minute to love his daughter unconditionally. Now, yes, that's the family values group for you. That's the open-armed, loving Christians we voted into our positions of leadership. Does Keyes not realize that a few years ago the same bubbas he's playing footsie with to relegate his own daughter to not just second-class citizenship but third-class citizenship are the same bubbas that would have strung him up for the color of his skin? That's sickening and beyond dispicable!


Now don't get me started on Bush. Once again, he is calling for a federal "marriage" amendment. Take a close look at that one some day and then go back a post or two. This amendment AGAIN like so many others that want to put us on the back burner does not actually mention us at all, but it certainly mentions the privileged individuals who get to partake of social and economic benefits of legal recognition. Who are these privileged individuals? Heterosexuals.

One step closer...a Republican Catholic judge in California says he sees not justifiable reason why gays shouldn't be able to marry, and suddenly our administration has to put a 'bitchslap' on it all. "Let the people decide," Bush says. The people get to decide about highways in their backyard and raising taxes because it directly affects them. They don't have a right to decide if a couple can protect themselves or not or get benefits from the state or not. If we did that, this country still wouldn't have blacks or women voting!




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