Oh, Canada; No, Canada

It looks like marriage for gay couples won’t pass in Canada. As best I can figure out, a scandal has rocked the current government and the way it works in Canada an election can be called mid-year in such circumstances. If this happens, the liberal government will likely fall and be replaced by the conservatives. The conservative leader, Stephen Harper, has vowed if voted in that not only will he stop the passage of the nationwide marriage law, but undo the marriage laws that have passed in the 7 out of 10 provinces so far. What does this mean for the couples married in Canada until now? Who knows? I mean that just fucking sucks! One day you’re married and the next you have no legal relationship whatsoever. What kind of world is this that those who want to have some kind of security and safety for themselves don’t know if they will have it from one day to the next? This is moral and right to do to other human beings? Do these sorry ass conservatives even care, who pass off their moral judgments on others, what they do to someone else’s life?

What does this mean to my partner and me? Well, we certainly won’t become expatriates in Canada. That’s for damn sure. It means no matter how damn bad it gets in the U.S. that we won’t have a hiding place. Bring on the camps and the gas chambers if that’s what’s meant to be. I’ll guarantee you one damn thing though. I won’t go down without a fight. This is my country too, and I won’t stop fighting until my cold body is in the ground.

They say civil rights struggles take about 40-50 years. If you measure the gay civil right struggle from this moment that means I’ll be 70 or 80 years old by the time we get our rights. Well, hell, maybe by then the fucking government and society will at least give us the dignity of having burial plots next to each other or claiming each other’s dead body.


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