No White Wedding in Jersey?

Marilyn Maneely may never know what it's like to marry the person she loves. She's been stricken with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a severe neurodegenerative condition also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

"Maneely was once one of the most vibrant people on the face of the earth, bursting with off-the-charts verve that changed the complexion of a room from the moment she'd enter it."

Marilyn may never know the joy of vows and promises of forever in front of family and friends. She may never know what it's like to share that connection of the universe as a married woman, to have a bachlorette party, to get and open wedding presents, to cut a wedding cake, dance at a reception, or go on a fancyful honeymoon.


Marilyn and her partner, Diane Marini, is one of the seven couples in New Jersey fighting for marriage rights. Currently the case is being considered by the state appellate court, but a decision may come to late, if it's positive at all, since her condition has degenerated in just a matter of months.

For Marilyn's sake, let's hope we're wrong.



At 08:01, Anonymous tonitobandito said...

Cannot wait until people realize that it's about love and nothing else!!!

At 08:23, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Don't you love that word 'wait,' tonito?

That's what everyone keeps telling us to do. Wait for society to be ready for gays to have rights.

Marilyn can't wait for everyone else to be ready and comfortable with her. She'll be dead long before they are ready, and she'll never know the joy of marrying her partner.


Especially when I go back and look at the joy on the faces of those Kansas preachers. How sickening!

At 10:04, Blogger gonezo said...


I "give a shit" I just don't have the time to go to DNC and MY own blog (lots of maintenance) and then yours too! Sowwy!!!

but I still luv ya sista!!! :-)


At 10:07, Anonymous jen said...

Thanks Callie for this story. It breaks my heart.

At 07:41, Blogger RedStateExile said...


I know you do. I wasn't saying you don't. As long as I know ya'll check it out from time to time, it makes it worth it.


At 09:34, Blogger blogblog22 said...

ou guys have no clue. You don't know Marilyn Maneely. She did have a wedding and a bachlorette party, she did get to and open wedding presents, to cut a wedding cake, dance at a reception, and go on a fancyful honeymoon. She was married 30+ years ago to a man and had 5 beautiful children. Her partner Diane HATED all of the kids. How's that for a happy ending.


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