Terry Schiavo's parents are Bastards

The autopsy came out yesterday officially saying that Terry's (will these bastards just let her rest in peace, now?) brain had atrophied to about 50% of its normal size and she was blind, making it impossible for her to recover.

But today, we hear that the sorry ass parents STILL won't let her rest.

Schiavo's parents not swayed by autopsy

Bob and Mary Schindler disputed the results, insisting their daughter interacted with them and tried to speak. Their attorney said the family plans to discuss the autopsy with other medical experts and may take some unspecified legal action.

"We knew all along that Terri was profoundly brain damaged," said Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler. "We simply wanted to bring her home and care for her. It all goes back to this quality of life."


What kind of quality of life did Terry have? She wasn't going to get up and do cartwheels one day. Give up the fucking ghost, Schindlers!!!

The only quality of life you give a damn about is your own. Your time in the limelight and your opportunity to be the poster family for the hardcore, psycho, fundie right.

There will be a special place in hell for parents like you.


At 11:16, Blogger jenny said...

you said it very well. did you see michael's headstone for terry? it listed the day she had her attack as her date of death and the day she stopped breathing as the day she found peace.

At 09:18, Blogger RedStateExile said...

I didn't see that headstone but that is very cool! Do you have a link for it? I'd love to have it here.


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