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THIS is why I'm frustrated and angry these days! This was posted on another blog (I won't say where or by whom-I'm not like that), but this is evidence of what is bothering me about the Democratic Party these days.

This is the embodiment of those attacks we keep hearing about Dean taking. Yet, I'll probably get toasted as a freeper or troll for not getting on board with the agenda.

Well, I can't get on board when Democrats are content to toss me under the bus to get someone in office.

"Until a overhaul of the system takes place, we will have to live with DINOS. There may one day be the debate about Choice for instance, and on that day, we will see who the real Dems are. Apparently, it's OK to throw our GLBT friends under the bus, since there is little or no political repercussions. I hate it, but it is what it is."

Nice! Queer without a country and now a party.

They want our votes but they don't even want us on the bus. Just a little, "Oh well, sorry, it's nothing personal, just politics, REALLY!!"

If I tolerate this, it puts me in the same league as Log Cabin Republicans who really think the fundies will eventually see them as human and allow them a few scraps from the table.

THIS is why our party is in piss poor shape! We have absolutely no backbone and that's why we can't get votes. That's why Dean is being attacked. He's not taking the shit anymore, but we are expected to take shit.

When will we get it through our heads. It hasn't worked before...it won't work now.

So, go ahead, toast me. Call me names! If you want my vote though, don't tell me "oh, well, sorry", throw me under the bus, expect me to act like nothing is wrong, and still pull that lever on election day.

GLBT friends, my ass. If only Democrats could have as much contempt and resolve against their enemies as they do their "friends."


At 11:13, Blogger jenny said...

A f**king men.

At 09:24, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Just tired of feeling left behind in the discussions or being told "oh, well, too bad...this other issue is more important and supporting you will only hurt our re-election chances."

Well, I can't abide by that or give concessions to those who do.

We're either for equality or not and we are for it for everyone not just a few and we don't apologize for doing what is right.


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