Close but no Cigar

But there are still fat, fundie ladies singing somewhere!!!

Rex Wockner outlines the fall of the NEAR passage of a marriage equality bill in California. It missed only by a few votes. Why??? Not because of Republicans as you might guess...Well, actually, yes because of Republicans but that's because Republicans have no morals or ethics in regard to equality (just read my other posts below and see what I mean).

Assembly Bill 19 failed because of pansy-assed Democrats.

Every vote for the bill came from a Democrat. Five Democrats joined all but one Republican in voting against it. Six other Democrats and that one Republican simply didn't vote at all.

Six of the 11 Democratic no votes and non-votes came from Latino legislators.


Two no votes came from San Diego, which, despite its historical reputation, is no longer majority Republican or conservative. What, in particular, was the story with Democrat Juan Vargas?

He's termed-out and planning to run for Congress, explained County Democratic Party Chair Jess Durfee (who is also my housemate).

"Vargas' strategy is to reinvent himself as a moderate with the hope of unseating a popular liberal Democrat in a moderate district," Jess said. "This is another example of how he is pissing off nearly all of San Diego's Democratic activists and leaders. I suspect he'll use this as a tool to get campaign contributions from the right."


So, self-serving, wimpy, waste of space (and a vote) Democrats are the reason for failure. We can count on the Republicans to be assholes. Hell, in the South, they still think it's okay to lynch blacks so what can we expect.

It's the Democrats that PISS me off!!! While I know some good Democrats that would stand side-by-side with me in a fight, most are like "Yeah, that's really bad. I hate it for you. Guess you need to rally your people together better."

Uhhhh, no. And you know what?? FUCK YOU and the smug, arrogant, self-righteous horse you road in on!!!

The "it's not my problem 'cause I'm not gay so go away" attitude by so-called liberals and Democrats has to end. If you can't fight for change and equality, then you should simply be a Republican. If you can't understand the value of "all men are created equal," then don't call yourself a Democrat or a liberal. If the phrase "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" only applies to straight people for you, then get the FUCK out of my party!!!

I prefer not to be stabbed in the back by people who call themselves my friend.


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