Ready to Learn Spanish?

I wish I had paid more attention in Spanish class. I'm surprised I didn't! The teacher was a flaming queen!

Anyway, Canada was beat to the punch this week by Spain to officially become the third country to approve gay marriage.


The Socialist run government has been pushing for the legislation in spite of vehement protests by the Roman Catholic Church, who has had a huge influence over the politics of Spain for generations (gee, sound familiar?). Spain is also pushing for more stem-cell research, loosening restrictions on abortions, and just approved doing away with a 25 year old divorce law that required couples to go through mandatory separation or provide a reason for the divorce (as if it's the government's business, anyway!).

The conservative politicians of Spain claim the passage of gay marriage is a divisive issue to the country but a recent poll showed that 62% of Spaniards approve of gay marriage while only 30% disapprove.

The battle got so nasty at one point that Antonio Martinez Camino, a spokesman for the Spanish Bishops Conference, said that allowing gay marriage was like "imposing a virus on society - something false that will have negative consequences for social life."

I'm not saying that America needs to be socialist or anything, but we could learn a thing or two from leaders who stand up to religious nuts like this. Canada told Dobson to keep his nose out of their governmental business and they are on the verge of providing full equality. Now Spain has given the Vatican the ol' one finger salute too!

How sweet it is!!!


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