Is Canada Next?

Canada lawmakers approve gay marriage bill

Canada would become only the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage under landmark legislation passed in the House of Commons in spite of fierce opposition from Conservatives and religious leaders.

The bill would grant same-sex couples legal rights equal to those in traditional unions between a man and a woman, something already legal in a majority of Canadian provinces. The legislation drafted by Prime Minister Paul Martin's minority Liberal Party government was also expected to easily pass the Senate and become federal law by the end of July.

The Netherlands and Belgium are the only other two nations that allow gay marriage nationwide.


Charles McVety, a spokesman for Defend Marriage Canada and president of Canada Christian College, called the vote an "onerous breach of trust and the deconstruction of so much that is dear to our hearts."

Flanked by clergymen, McVety vowed his group would work to vote out lawmakers who supported the legislation in the next general elections.

"This is the beginning of the formal fight against the redefinition of marriage," McVety said. "We will, in the next election, be able to correct this incredible democratic deficit before us today."



Mr. McVety should be reminded that what should be dear to his hear is his own marriage, not someone else's. Take care of your own issues, buddy, and let us deal with ours.

Don't think this is the end of the war though. The conservative politicians in Canada have already sworn their go against their own constitution in order to get their way.

Does that sound familiar?

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin supported the measure by saying "you don't cherry-pick rights."


Why can't America have a leader like that?


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