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Hmmmm, when the election was in full swing and I was actually wanting to believe in John Kerry, I signed up for emails from his camp. Since the election, I get swamped with these feel good pieces about how he's going to head some fight or the other against the current administration.

Today, I got a little diddy about the new Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, and how he was going to fight for civil rights, privacy rights, and Roe v. Wade (because these are all things Roberts has gone on record against).

I'm sorry...but after Kerry sold the gay folks out on their civil rights during the debates and even said he would vote to overturn gay marriage back in his home state of Massachusetts, I found that fighting statement TOO FUNNY!!!

So when I got to the end of the letter and it asked for comments or questions to be posed to Roberts at the confirmation hearing, this is what I said (I've waited a LONG TIME to say these words to him):

Sen. Kerry,

Judge Roberts being nominated to the Supreme Court is vitally important to many people in our country. However, I have to wonder if these confirmation hearings will be nothing more than grandstanding and showboating. This is like an elaborate interview where the candidate already knows the questions he will be asked. Certainly, he is (or has) practiced the answers to the questions and is being coached on what to say and what not to say. We all know he will be confirmed. If for no other reason, than our elected representatives have yet to show any backbone on the social issues that the Republican Right continues to attack on. You even ran from a very basic civil rights issue for the gay and lesbian community during the campaign. Now, you are saying we need to defend civil rights and you will be running the lead on this. I have yet to see this happen, Sen. Kerry. I have yet to see anyone in Congress grow a backbone and truly defend civil rights. While our Canadian neighbors to the north and other countries around the world begin to recognize the humanity and dignity of our relationships, Americans give lip service to civil rights, freedom, liberty, and justice as loving couples are separated during crisis and death in order to protect YOUR marriage. Last night, as Canada approved marriage equality, a quote from an email was read that said, "You have no idea what a difference it makes to the human spirit to know that you are treated equally under the law."

I have waited a long time to tell you these things, Sen. Kerry. You let me, and millions of other gay couples, down during the campaign. You had a chance to become one of the great leaders of this country and turn this nation around, but you choose a course of least resistance. Now, you ask for my help?

You don't get my help without earning my trust.


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You know I come from a different perspective, politically and religiously. But I do appreciate your views and like reading them. Don't quit blogging, either on the DNC or here.


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