Right Wing Shows True Colors

A Letter to the Editor in our local paper The Tennessean today shows the true colors of the right wing over the judicial nomination. He literally has glee over our impending downfall and hastens Bush to hurry up and fill O'Connor's spot with a conservative.


When the president nominates someone for the Supreme Court who sends NOW, Michael Moore and Al Franken into fits of hysterics, those same conservatives can be reenergized and defeat the liberal agenda again.

Then, as is almost certain, when Chief Justice William Rehnquist also retires and President Bush nominates a second conservative to the court, the liberals will really suffer. Howard Dean's Iowa scream will be nothing compared to the weeping and gnashing of teeth seen when this occurs.

Of COURSE, I HAD to respond and sent my own letter. We'll see if it gets published. Even if it doesn't, at least it's always here:

In Art Darden’s recent letter (“Democrats will hinder justice nominee process,” July 7), one could not help but sense the underlying glee and joy for the coming oppression of the “minority.” What kind of party creates a mindset like this? Since when have we as an American people, who once believed in freedom and liberty, suddenly hoped with anticipation at the downfall of an entire group of fellow citizens? How can we dance in folly as we squash other Americans hopes and dreams beneath our feet then call ourselves “compassionate?” Certainly we are better than this! I hope any decent human being can see through such vileness and support moderation, fairness, and equality on our highest bench of justice.



At 09:06, Blogger jenny said...

brilliant response! kudos!

At 06:40, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Thank you! It didn't get published in the paper, but I do feel better.


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