Give to the New Bedford Hate Crimes Fund

On Wednesday, February 2, 2006, Jacob D. Robida, 18, entered Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, MA with a hatchet, a gun and a question. His question was, "Is this a gay bar?

The positive answer that he was given prompted Robida to put three innocent men in the hospital as Massachusetts was rocked with one of the biggest hate crimes in recent times:

Alex Taylor, 29, of Fairhaven was hit in the face multiple times with the hatchet as well as shot in the face by Robida. Alex Taylor remains hospitalized.

Luis Rosado, 22, of New Bedford was shot in the stomach by Robida as he exited the mensroom. Luis Rosado remains hospitalized in serious condition with a shattered liver.

Robert Perry, 52, of Dartmouth who came to the aid of victim, Alex Taylor, received lacerations to the face from the hatchet as well as a bullet wound to his back which just missed his spinal column. Robert Perry thankfully was released but will carry the physical and emotional scars of Jacob Robida's horrific act of violence.

A formal donation site has been set up at KnowThyNeighbor.org for both online and mailed donations.

I won't be setting up the online format, but if you want to mail donations here is what you need to do (donations are tax deductible):

Make your check or money order payable to "Puzzles Victim's Fund" and send to:

St. Anne's Credit Union
c/o Puzzles Victim's Fund
PO Box 0 (zero)
Fall River, MA 02724

Love Casts Out Fear


At 09:52, Blogger jenny said...

wonderful Callie, I'm cross-posting to my blog, the more that see it the better! I'm going to make a donation even though I am broke, that's what credit cards are for! ;) love ya!

At 00:41, Blogger puzzlesBAR said...

Thank you for posting a blog about this and raising more awareness to such an important issue that we are facing. My name is Phillip Daggett and I am the bartender that was on the night of the attack. I am happy to see people pulling together to help and to make the nation a safer place. If anybody wishes to contact me please do so by email at puzzleslounge@yahoo.com and again, Thank you!

At 05:41, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Thanks, Jenny!

And, Phillip, thank you and everyone else that night for having the courage to stand up and fight back. This is the least that the rest of the community and our allies can try to do to help out. Isn't that why we call ourselves "family"? :)


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