Talk about Over the Top Nuts

Now I've joked about wanting to secede from the union, but these folks mean it. This is just bizarro world.

Christian Exodus

They will start with cities in South Carolina and spread out to eventually take over local and state government and the judiciary.

Their Plan of Action includes:

To combine with the current Christian electorate in SC to "enable constitutionalists to win the city council, the county council, elected law enforcement positions, and elected judgeships. We will then be able to protect our God-given and constitutionally protected rights within our local community."

They will move from city to city in SC until "the General Assembly of the State is squarely in the hands of Christian Constitutionalists."

They are even establishing an online job board on emigrants to SC can find employment.

The goal of ChristianExodus.org is "the return of constitutionally limited government to the whole of these United States...[and it] will see to it that South Carolina resumes her governmental authority in these matters and that our counties and State ignore federal directives in violation of the 10th Amendment."


At 14:15, Blogger CM Edwards said...

I heard they're starting out in the SC Appalachian mountains. Do you know, callie?

They probably think mountain folks are too stupid to catch on to what they are doing or backward enough to accept it, but they've got another thing comin'.

Just wait 'till these bible thumpers try to ban alcohol from a "wet" county and they'll find they've hit a brick wall.

At 05:37, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Well, Chad, I don't think they'll start with banning alcohol. I think Prohibition taught them that valuable lesson. I posted this to another blog and someone mentioned that SC has a large black population and they'd never go for it. Yet, I doubt those would be the cities and towns they'd be focusing on either at first. They'll work on getting a monopoly on places they can win first, and the Appalachains would make sense but they'll go after ideas, concepts, and groups that folks there will support them in.

I can't say I have proof of this. I haven't read it anywhere, but I grew up fundie and understand the mindset pretty well.

At 07:53, Blogger CM Edwards said...

Well, you and I have something in common, Callie.

I too was brought up in a fundimentalist church. At about age 15, I could no longer stand the bullshit and refused to go back. At one point, I asked so many questions that an elder had to take me aside and tell me that asking too many questions was in itself a sin. I guess my soul is condemned to everlasting torment.

Oh well, I figure there's better parties in Hell anyway.

At 05:49, Blogger RedStateExile said...

My momma made the mistake of telling me once (and this was before she got the "news" that would make her take back all she said) that we Christians would be surprised at who we'd see in Heaven and we'd be just as surprised at those in Hell.


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