TN Judge to Decide if Elderly Man Can Marry Woman

Yes, only in TN (okay, maybe not, but only in some backass backwards red state) would a family actually be going to court to keep their elderly father from marrying the woman he loves. So what if she's younger than him, if he's happy and wants to do it? First Terri Schaivo, and now this! When will everyone stop meddling in our personal lives?! WTF?!

"Part of being alive is being happy, I would assume," said Housch, the woman's lawyer.
"And you can see it in his eyes, you can see it in this man. The way he dresses, the way he looks, he's gleaming with joy, happiness and very proud to be with the one he loves."

Read the whole sordid story HERE!


At 07:00, Blogger lovin' it said...

"That right was taken away from the octogenarian by a court in February 2003, after a judge found that Varallo was not competent to manage his own finances and enter into contracts, including the contract of marriage."

Callie, I think you're getting worked up over nothing here. This is a simple issue of legal competancy. Courts have to determine people's mental state and their ability or inabilaty to make these decisions for themselves all the time. What makes this case different from all the thousands of others that happen every year?

At 09:56, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Oh, jump off a cliff! Good grief!

You have no clue that I have EVERY right to get worked up over something like this because I can be hauled into court by my family too and have them claim that I'm not competent to be in the relationship I'm in. They can claim I'm mentally unstable and don't know what I'm doing and that I need to be put in a psyche facility. Think it's never happened? Think it can't happen?

It's NOBODY'S business!!

Christ, people have gone power hungry trying to control every aspect of every individual's life!

Damn it, give people a little dignity!

At 23:42, Blogger Richard said...

I really don't think anyone's getting off on the "power" of stopping an 80+ year old man with clinical dementia from making a major life change he doesn't fully understand.

If your partner started to behave oddly, wanted to become a Republican and join pro-life organizations as an activist, and the doctor said she had a neurological problem that was causing the behaviorial changes, do you think it would be dignifying for her to go through with her plans or would you try to get a court order allowing you to handle her affairs until she got better?

Not everything is about power.


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