MA Bar Patrons Attacked & Injured

Eighteen-year old suspect still on the loose.

Last night in New Bedford, a man walked into a gay bar and began attacking patrons with a gun and a hatchet. One person suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, another had a gunshot wound to the back and severe cuts to his face, and a third received multiple cuts. The attacker, identified by police as 18 year old Jacob Robida (see photo), then fled the scene.

According to several reports, Robida entered the bar, showed a fake ID, ordered a drink, then walked to the back of the bar by the pool tables and began attacking patrons. The bartender, at the time only self-identifying as Philip out of fear for his safety, described Robida as having a "stone-cold" and "emotionless" look. At one point he asked if the bar was a gay bar.

Robina maintained a website on MySpace.com where there is evidence of a disturbed, sociopathic personality, complete with a room plastered with swastikas and a love for weapons and violence.

What else can be said, I just don't have words. The small community of New Bedford has had an outpouring of support for the bar and its gay citizens. KnowThyNeighbor.org has been following the story closely and encouraging local officials such as MA Gov. Mitt Romney to break with party line to discourage hate crimes against minorities and draw MA citizens together.

Much to my surprise, John Kerry has spoken out against this vicious crime and is encouraging the support of federal hate crimes legislation.

It's time, beyond time.


At 06:53, Blogger lovin' it said...

Holy shit! Lock that bastard up and throw away the key.

There was a time when this type of attack would have got him the death penalty. Too bad some nut-job so called "civil libertarians" got the Supreme Court to have capital punishment for non-murder crimes declared cruel and unusual punishment. This guy deserves to die.

At 07:28, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Amazing! We agree on something else!

At 07:53, Blogger lovin' it said...

You are surprised that I think someone who attacks innocent people with a machete should go to jail? Now my feelings are hurt . . .


At 10:55, Blogger jenny said...

i think the bastard should suffer, by sitting in a jail cell for the rest of his life, maybe being somebody's girlfriend.

At 11:26, Blogger Tonito Bandito said...

I just hope they find his ass before he does anymore damage!

At 02:09, Blogger DeLLBerto said...

They caught that rat bastard I heard. I hope it's true.


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