Local TN Residents Find Hate in the Mail

In a subdivision near Nashville, TN, some residents learned more about hate than they thought they'd probably every know and it was mailed to them at the comfort of their own home.

Residents find racially motivated letters in mailbox

Some Hermitage residents say they are shocked and disgusted by some racially filled pamphlets they received in their mailboxes. Printed on fluorescent paper, the letters convey a message that bashes people from a variety of ethnic and religious groups.

The big question now of course is who is responsible for this, and why do it now?

Residents of the Lakeridge subdivision say the letters showed up in their mailboxes on Wednesday.

"I was very upset. I have two small children, and that is not how we raise our children. For someone to think that in our neighborhood is very disturbing," said Christy Behnke, Neighbor.

The headline of the letter reads:

"Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Africans, Jews, Gays -- Not Wanted in the Lakeridge Homeowners Association. Have your say."

Christy's neighbors say they are shocked.

"Myself, I could not imagine anyone filled with that much hatred that they would do something like that. It's 2006. This is ridiculous," said Mary Greer, Neighbor.


At 02:10, Blogger DeLLBerto said...

What can one say to that? For crying out loud, it's 2006. Dr. King's dream is still just a dream to some people. I want so bad for it to be reality.

At 06:10, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Wait until you see the other local piece of news I have to post today!! 2006? Please! Just drop the 6 because we are fly backwards in time!


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