NY LGBT Leader Refuses to Support Hillary

This is indicative of the divide being created within the Democratic Party between the GLBT community and its leaders.

Since the death kneels to our community of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and especially DOMA, that were signed by Hillary's husband, the Democratic Party and the GLBT community have been heading toward an inevitable clash.

Like stated in this article, I can't see the logic or reason behind giving money to candidates that have been very clear in their disdain for our community. It's all well and good that Hillary has supported AIDS-funding (bully for her), but she still supports a "separate and UNequal" status, basically second-rate citizenship for gay Americans. That is NOT acceptable!

If you back off from this what you find is a candidate who gives pity or sympathy support to a section of American society. She feels sorry for us so she gives half-assed support for us, but never equality. For that, bitch, you don't get our money.

Gay Rights Leader Calls For Halt To LGBT Support For Hillary Clinton


At 18:28, Blogger dorsano said...

I wouldn't phrase it quite like you do. :)

The hedged arguments some of the Democratic leadership make regarding equal rights are so transparently political it's embarrassing - and they're not fooling anyone.

If you all can convince them of that, you'll do the nation a service.

I tried to explain that to an MN DEM gubernatorial candidate last night and I think I made some headway

At 18:41, Blogger RedStateExile said...


I was reading a book tonight (Chip Berlet's "Eternal Hostility") that talked about the theocratic right using gay marriage, abortion rights, and a ton of other personal/private rights as "wedge issues."

We use that term a lot, but the question is, and the writer said this, "a wedge towards what?"

He goes on to say "the notion that there is a 'culture war' underway in the U.S. is thus a paradigm that results in a great deal of misdirections. Issues are presented individually, or as a package of social issues about which the so-called culture war is supposedly being fought." But really the "war" is one of "aggression by the Christian Right against beliefs of which they do not approve and against the expression of those beliefs."

At 18:51, Blogger dorsano said...

They are a minority though - their voice is magnified because they bring the margin of victory to the GOP and they have some big money to fund media outlets sky channel

but it won't last in my opinion

At 18:53, Blogger dorsano said...

oops - and I forgot to say - if Hillary et. al. think they can convince them they are on their side with their equivicating - they're delusional

At 19:07, Blogger RedStateExile said...

I think you're right about Hillary. They'll be on her heels from the get go just like they were Bill. One mistake and she's history.

They may be a minority, but they've been building this up slowly and methodically for nearly 40 years. It's not a flash in the pan thing and they way they've worked their message behind the scenes and underneath the radar of the average Joe Citizen is pretty astounding.

That, and the Dems have screwed up some major opportunities to turn the tide on them. But...oh well!

At 19:44, Blogger dorsano said...

let's hope her presidental aspirations are already history

At 18:55, Blogger Rob-in-Indiana said...

I must say that I agree with the opinion that there is no logic in supporting or giving our money to candidates that have a clear disdain for our community, and that pander to us for our money/votes, but refuse to stand up for us against the Religious Right.

Politics as usual in the Democratic Party must come to a stop, and by not supporting these people that stab us in the back will effect that change.

At 19:21, Blogger dorsano said...

candidates that have a clear disdain for our community

i'm not sure I'd call it disdain - I'm not sure what to call it though

* misguided
* poor leadership
* amoral

but by not supporting them, you'll make the Democratic Party stronger.

What I'd really like to see is a strong, charismatic, popular openly Gay Republican

It's only been relatively recently that the GOP became so openly intolerant. Gerald Ford advocated gay "marriage"


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