Ford Situation Getting More and More Interesting

Reports are all over the news about Ford and their dealings with the devil today.

It doesn't end there...oh no, never does:

In a Nov. 29 meeting at AFA headquarters in Tupelo, MS, David Leitch, general counsel and vice president for Ford, and Ziad Ojakli, group vice president-Corporate Affairs, along with Dallas-area Ford dealer Jerry Reynolds, hammered out a deal.

So who are these two boys, Leitch and Ojakli?

None other than two former senior Bush administration officials.

More details HERE!

PLUS, Ford just keeps lying and lying and lying:

It seems Ford is telling customers and others upset about their succumbing to a hate-group like the AFA that the initial reports weren't entirely true (in other words, some of it was true).

However, reports from several journalists with direct contact with Ford reps have concurred otherwise:

"...he did confirm that Ford had indeed reached a formal settlement with AFA, and this specifically includes withdrawing advertising for certain Ford vehicles from LGBT publications/media."

Read more about the lies HERE!

The only way to kill the Beast is to sever the triangulation (er, strangulation) between religion, big business, and politics.

I don't care if we are called un-American, unDemocratic, unChristian, blah, blah, blah!

Religion needs to keep it's nose out of business and politics or it gets the shit taxed out of it!

They want to be a business then they need to get taxed like a business.


At 13:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why this is being made into a controversy. Ford Motor Co. is a private business. They can run their advertising where they choose. Groups can lobby them to run or not run their advertising in certain publications. Their lobbying will either be effective or not be effective.

Ford doesn't have to justify this decision to anyone.

At 14:14, Blogger RedStateExile said...

From the Hoovers.com site:

Ford Motor Company

Company Type Public (NYSE: F)

Wrong answer, try again later.

At 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a publicly held, private business.

I wouldn't expect you to know anything about business, however, so no harm, no foul.

At 20:07, Blogger dorsano said...

publicly held, private business.

Which is an oxymoron - but I doubt she expects you to know anything about poetry so no harm, no foul.

At 20:08, Blogger dorsano said...

Ooops - I meant redundant - bummer :)

At 20:19, Blogger dorsano said...

Ford runs ads for other vehicles in the same magazines and will continue to do so because the GLBT community has more economic clout than than AFA.

What's disgusting is that Ford management actually signed a piece of that these people touched.

At 20:37, Blogger dorsano said...

It looks like the invisible hand that guides the market has whacked some more people

At 06:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dorsano said...

publicly held, private business.

Which is an oxymoron - but I doubt she expects you to know anything about poetry so no harm, no foul.

No it's not, you frickin' moron. Go to a first-day MBA class before you open your piehole.


At 06:50, Blogger RedStateExile said...


Basically, left hand and right hand doesn't know what's going on here.

Ford says the AFA was pissed about marketing ads in gay publications, but the AFA's original boycott was all centered on supposedly supporting "gay marriage". So, who's telling the truth and what's next on the chopping block. What else was discussed in this meeting and what other deals were made?

Hmmm, I don't know about you, but I can't find anything on Ford's website about supporting gay marriage. Maybe health care coverage cuts a little too close to the bone for them...I don't know. Will that be next?

You know, if you pat me on the head, toss me a quarter, and call me a "nice lesbian" while I'm starving on a street corner, you'd probably be accused of the same thing by a group like this.

To me, the MOST disgusting thing, and I agree with you, is simply giving audience to these bigots in deference to any other groups. None of the major gay organizations or even Ford's own gay employee group (GLOBE) was invited for discussions to get their input and thoughts before making this decision.


I don't care if they do continue to advertise Volvo's in The Advocate. I have no use for a company that makes backroom deals with Bush cronies. If the point wasn't to spit on us, then all they had to do was say "We're pulling the ads because sales are down in the GLBT community for the models." That would have been fine with me, and I wouldn't have cared a bit.

But to admit you made a deal with the AFA then try to sugarcoat it and lie your way out of it...there's no excusing it. They need to reverse their attitudes, tell the AFA to take a hike, or admit they sold out the gay community for a bunch of bigots.

At 06:59, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Either have enough balls to use a name or get off of my blog calling my friends "idiots" and "morons". You have no room to talk.

What is a public company?
A public company sells stock to the general public and the stock is traded on an exchange.

What is a private company?
A private company does not sell stock to the general public, and the stock is not traded on an exchange. In private firms, the stockholders are usually the principals in the company (e.g. founders, members of their families, key employees, etc.).


Check the link at the bottom of this page for annual reports (financial reports) that have been made known to the PUBLIC, type in "F" for Ford Motor Company's NYSE symbol (another sign of being a PUBLIC company), and whaddya know...a selection of Ford Motor Company annual financial reports available to the PUBLIC!!!!

Now, if simply being family-owned meant a company was private, ALL companies would be private because ALL companies start with a family(ies).


You're boring me...

At 08:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine. Don't buy Ford/Volvo/Jaguar/et. al. All that'll do is put more useless pieces of union detritus out on the street, the Democrat party's BIGGEST SUPPORTERS.

How's that whole union thing working out for you guys, anyway?

At 12:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From WI this afternoon:

Senate passes marriage amendment

The state Senate this afternoon passed a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman and prevent the state from recognizing "substantially similar" relationships.

The vote broke down along party lines, with the Senate's 19 Republicans voting for the amendment and 14 Democrats opposing it. The measure now heads to the Assembly.

At 13:26, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Ahh, WI sucks anyway. Who'd wanna live there anyway? Everyone smells like old cheese!

At 13:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

From WI this afternoon:

Senate passes marriage amendment

Good thing representatives are listening to the voters. This has overwhelming public support and should pass on referendum easily.

At 13:56, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Probably because they just don't want 'em coming to their legislative offices because they stink like cow manure and cheese.

At 14:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RedStateExile said...

Probably because they just don't want 'em coming to their legislative offices because they stink like cow manure and cheese.

Fuck you, for insulting my state.

At 19:19, Blogger dorsano said...

Actually Callie - don't judge WI by the likes of anonymous. I'm afraid the amendment will likely pass because of the marriage language. It's all the more reason to pre-empt those with civil rights amendments.

At 19:24, Blogger dorsano said...

How's that whole union thing working out for you guys, anyway?

More ignorance - the union vote was split almost 50/50 in 2004.

Keep on hating them though anonymous - tell every union member you come across that they are "useless pieces of union detritus"

At 19:37, Blogger dorsano said...

What is a private company?

He's confusing "public sector" with "private sector" and "publically traded" (as opposed to privately traded) with "private"

Thank God Ford's not a non-profit and is incorporated

instead of being a Sole Proprietorship, S Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership, LLP, Cooperative Association, Foreign Entity or Common Law Trust.

At 19:48, Blogger dorsano said...


There's a good chance that I'll be on the GA/TN border sometime in march horseback riding.

I hope to get over to Nashville for a day and catch a show at the Opry before I head back home.

If it works out and you and your partner would like to get together for a drink send me an email and I'll let you now when I'm coming.

GiG has my email address if you don't have it.

At 20:32, Blogger dorsano said...

useless pieces of union detritus out on the street

In fact anonymous, keep hating

* public school teachers,
* civil servants
* environmentalists
* feminists
* gays and lesbians
* liberals
* anyone who's had abortion
* anyone on welfare
* blacks
* Mexicans
* fire fighters (union)
* cops (union)
* nurses (union)
* air traffic controllers (union)
* flight attendents and pilots (union)

Who did I forget?

What about Jews - you do that kind of hate?
What about Catholics? Remember, a lot of us are liberals.

Make a point to tell them all what you think. And godspeed to you.

At 21:37, Blogger dorsano said...

I forgot trial lawyers

At 20:40, Blogger Tonito Bandito said...

Bravo to all of you for kicking anonymous's ass with facts. Love it!

Go drink some more Koolaid@!

At 06:28, Blogger RedStateExile said...


I agree. Some states are not worth worrying about because it's just going to be. Others there is no excuse for and they must be fought tooth and nail. What was it, up even into the last two or three years, that Alabama had anti-black language (I think it had something to do with the poll tax) in its constitution.

The legislature still refused to take it out and most of the state in polls agreed that it shouldn't come out. What else can you expect from states like that?

They can go ahead and hate me. I don't really care, but I can be as bitchy and hateful right back. Don't expect me to be nice to you when you throw daggers at me or my family and friends.

At 06:31, Blogger RedStateExile said...


;) I couldn't help myself. That person could come in here without being antagonistic, but don't insult my friends. I had a post ready to go after that "FU" but I held back. I'm better than that.

At 06:35, Blogger RedStateExile said...

As for unions, my brother is in a union. I know he is torn because socially, I'm sure, he's Republican. Hell, I'm not even allowed to be alone with his kids. But he's strong in his union beliefs too and if they are getting screwed by Pugs...well, I just don't know which wins for him, you know? The damn Pugs yell and holler about social issues that get the blue collar folks in a tiz but then they turn around and screw 'em. While we just try and make a better world for everyone. Kumbuya, baby! ;)


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