Prayers for Laurel

This article says it all.

Laurel, I'm sorry. You should be able to pass from this world without these worries on you. You should have peace to know your loved one will be safe and sheltered, that your love and hardword together is honored and respected. Laurel, I apologize for the human race for being so callous, so unfeeling, so unloving to a dying woman.

I wish you peace in a better world where love knows no limits.



At 18:59, Blogger dorsano said...

I wish you peace in a better world where love knows no limits

My wishes too, Callie - though not even love is needed - just respect and tolerance.

At 09:45, Blogger Lizzy said...


Thanks for posting this...it is so important that it be read!

I hope that your Thanksgiving is good!

Did you hear when Charlize and her boyfriend plan on getting married??

When gays and lesbians are giving the same rights!

Gotta love that girl!

Be well!

At 12:59, Blogger RedStateExile said...


God bless people like Charlize and her partner! May they have a long and happy life together. If only more people "got it", this world would be a completely different place.


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