Out of Sorts

Yes, I've been absent for a while. New job, long trip, and basically tired of the crap. I've found that there are few places to go in the blogosphere where my opinion is respected. The DNC...well, after the crap that Dean pulled by showing up on the 700 Club, it's been downhill for the party from there. It's like it opened a door for any other Dem who is chickenshit to jump in behind him. Hillary is doing it. Our own reps here in TN are doing it (Bredesen and Ford). They're chickening out on being a REAL Dem and standing up for all oppressed groups, so they cower to the religious fanatics on the right.

I got tired of reading about it, hearing about it, and trying to fight against it. If the Democratic party wants to sell its soul for a handful of votes (MAYBE, if that), then go for it. They won't get my vote or my money.


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