Yank 'Em Out!

Well, this should help with the overcrowding in our public schools and maybe our kids can finally get a real education. We're not that fortunate though. They'll stick around just to aggravate the rest of us.

Southern Baptist faction ready to pull kids from public schools


At 11:38, Blogger Anne Johnson said...

Good riddance. Let them get their learning from the Bible and go find a job in the real world.

Know how long you've been fighting this battle in Tennessee? Butler Act of 1925.

At 19:50, Blogger Publius said...

The problem here though is that K-12 private schools, both religious and non-religious schools, typically offer a better education than public schools. Sure, there might be a minimal bit less overcrowding, but those kids being pulled out would receive a better education and in an environment where they can express their beliefs.

At 20:31, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

I have a hard time feeling good about this one. My best male friends in high school were all Southern Baptist and all gay. What would have happened to them if they hadn't been in the public school, where we were able to form a mutual protection society, go thrifting together and pass around back issues of the New Yorker?

At 09:33, Blogger Deb said...

Sadie, You make a good point!


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