And Then You Have...

The Ex-Gay Conference

Indiana Wesleyan University will just be a pleothora of "ex-gay" men and women honing in on this town of other young men and women...hmmmm, to "Live Out Loud", per the conference's theme.

Now if that just isn't screaming gay, look at the pics of the young men serving as "ex-gay", all-stars!

I'm sorry, but look at the mouth on that big ol' queen, hammin' it up for the camera! And that other boy is just too pretty not to be gay. They're foolin' no one, but I sure bet they have a grand ol' pansy (get it, GOP) of a time at these conferences (don't you ever wonder why they have so many of them?) among "their own kind."


At 01:53, Blogger Rob7534 said...

I LOVE that pic of Alan Chambers! He is such a big flame!

Too funny!

At 10:18, Blogger DeLLBerto said...

Ex Gay? Yeah ok.

At 22:22, Blogger dorsano said...

I doubt they'll get a 1,000 to help "pray gays away"

if people are that threatened by how someone else was created - I can't imagine that they will take out too much time in their lives to pray for them.

At 08:03, Blogger jay lassiter said...

self-loathing can take on many forms and this is one of 'em.
I actually feel bad for these guys. So long as being gay is a "thing" then folks will always be vunerable to this kinda (hateful) stuff.
I pity them and can not find it in my heart to add to the condemnation, it would be too convenient a target.

At 14:11, Blogger Anne Johnson said...

This is my first visit to your site, and I find this! The squirrels want to know why I'm laughing so loud!

I think after they have "ex-gay day," they ought to have "ex-black day," and get testimonials from all the African Americans who just one day decided to be white.


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