I Hate Updating!

Shit! I hate updating! At request I changed the look of my blog, and granted, it is easier to read, but (CRAP!) I lost everything...my counter, my links, etc. Okay, not EVERYTHING, but those tedious things that you don't want to bother with filling back in. That's why I haven't been blogging lately. Not because the damn world isn't falling apart and not because I'm not pissed off, but because once I get started I'm going to want to fix EVERYTHING...and that's going to take a while.


How you serious hardcore bloggers do this day in and day out, I'll never know! If someone told me I could quit my job and get paid to do this, sure, no problem. Seriously, how?



At 09:45, Blogger TVonthefritz said...

I had to take a short break, too.

At 19:26, Blogger egalia said...

Burn out is a problem I struggle with.

I'm sorry you lost stuff Callie, that really really sucks!

At 13:15, Blogger ariadne said...

I hear you Callie. My blog is on a sort of perma-hiatus.

At 06:38, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Well, you can see I'm kind of back in the game. Sort of. I'm just having some fits with the links on the right.


I may have to change the template again. This time I know to copy my links before I make the change though. :)


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