One Time Too Many

Today I received one time too many emails from the Democratic Party asking for my money, my blood, my sweat, and my tears, and I'M SICK OF IT!!!!

I'm sick of having a hand stuck out in front of me constantly WANTING but NEVER giving! From Bill Clinton to John Kerry, the gay community has been sold out by the roadkill of this sorry party that got stuck in the fu**ing middle and couldn't make up its mind.

Today, I slapped away the hand that demanded more from me than it would ever give to me in return.

This is what I said:

Until the Democratic Party starts appreciating and recognizing the importance of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community to its election and re-election efforts and stops demanding money, time, sweat, and tears from us without giving us anything in return except contend, I will no longer give anything to the Democratic Party, including my money and my time, but will only support those who OPENLY support my community.


At 18:46, Blogger CM Edwards said...

Amen, Callie.

I used to checkmark "other" in the box on the donation line, write $0, and send it back to them. I figured if they really wanted to know why I think they're worth about that much, they could call me. The phone never rang.

At 07:07, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Now there's a pic of
Dean at a health clinic that serves the gay community on the DNC site.


That irked me too.

It's like a Bush-style photo-op. A bunch of glad-handing, money-grabbing, but no action. I posted that under the picture too.

Cute pic...but what exactly is this doing to stop the democrats in this party from engaging in ACTIVE discrimination against the GLBT community?

It's just a dog and pony show! It means nothing to me and does nothing for the community!

At 18:14, Blogger 25Mile said...

The voiceless needs a voice.

At 14:21, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

Hey Callie,

I only just now noticed that you had your own blog and decided to pop on over.

I ALWAYS return those envelopes with a diatribe enclosed. It's very cathartic. For Bredesen, I just sent him a pamphlet that Tennesseans for Fair Taxation had already sent me, describing the TennCare Catastrophe, but I also took the time to let him know that since he had cut MY OWN MOTHER from the rolls he would have to look elsewhere for funding.

Like I said, cathartic.


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