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Okay, you guys have to read this "essay" on this site. It's called "Understanding Homosexuality." Here's my favorite part from it and my dissection of it for you:

The homosexual agenda. Extremely organized – especially through the internet – and very supportive of each other, they are typically in the top 10% of the economic strata and concentrated in the big cities, in the media, and the arts. Almost all homosexuals avidly promote their agenda, and their success has been mind-boggling.

What agenda? I missed that booth at the last Pride Day and didn't pick up my latest copy.

Supportive of each other? Yes, that's why so many gays vote Republican because we're REALLY looking out for each other...uh, huh!

Top 10% of the economic strata? Well, we sure as fuck can't rely on anyone else, much less our worthless govt. Besides, we have to have some financial cushion to pay the thousands of dollars in legal fees to set up our estate plans, when we should just be able to pay $30 and get a marriage license, and when we have to go to court with the not-legally-recognized-in-laws because they want to yank our partner off of life support or kick us our of the house or take the kids or...yeah, whatever, go fuck yourselves!

Concentrated in the big cities and in the arts? Ummmm, what young, creative, not to mention self-respecting gay person would want to live in Opp, Alabama???? Alrighty!

Avidly promote their agenda? Well, I'm not going to shut up and sit still while the world kicks my ass! What the hell do you expect?

Our success has been mind-boggling? Ohhhhhhh, you mean having nearly half the U.S. states voting against your rights is a success, not being recognized as a legitimate and protected minority by our own government, having absolutely NO federal protection whatsoever, and even being attacked by our President and our religious leaders as the downfall of society and family so that a law MUST be enacted to disregard us as legitmate. Thanks for clearing that up. I never would have figured THAT out!


At 15:54, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

I think they just white-out the word "Jews" and write in "homosexuals." That way they don't have to come up with new, fresh propaganda all the time they can just recycle the old stuff.

Otherwise how do you account for all the markers being the same? "Organized," "big cities," "top ten percent in income?"

At 06:37, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Yeah, Sadie, it's the same tired propaganda. Unfortunately, it's played to a different audience and they're buying it. Well, some are. The ones who want and need a boogeyman to center their world on. Some people only feel better about themselves when they have something or someone to attack.


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