Screw the DNC!

Awww, hell! I don't visit this site for a few days then I go back just to see what's going on. Then I find this under the GLBT section.

DNC to launch LGBT Pride Program

Continuing groundbreaking work from the 2004 campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will soon launch "Pride at the Polls: 2006." This proven program is designed to educate, register, engage, and mobilize the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and youth communities and help elect Democrats at all levels. We will be partnering with the National Stonewall Democrats Federal PAC and the College Democrats of America chapters.

The "Pride at the Polls: 2006" program will be centered on LGBT Pride season, which typically runs from late May through the end of July. LGBT Pride festivals, which attract hundreds of thousands of LGBT-receptive voters and young people each year, have proven to be one of the most effective venues to reach LGBT and progressive voters.

The goals of the program are to establish a Democratic Party presence at as many LGBT Pride events as possible, increase the visibility of the LGBT community within the Democratic Party, and give community leaders an opportunity to engage in a process that will help support the election of Democrats up and down the ticket. And we plan to have fun while doing it.

When this party gets serious about us, will be when they stop letting us get beat up by these anti-gay marriage amendments, when they stand up for Feingold and others who have stood up for us, and stop cowtowing on the issues important to our community.

They're still asking for votes and not giving anything back.


At 20:20, Blogger dorsano said...

Don't confuse the DNC with the DLC and the DCCC, Callie - the DNC is us and it's fighting our fight.

At 20:50, Blogger dorsano said...

This resolution passed unanomously in my district: (3.2) The DFL opposes any amendment to the Minnesota constitution that prohibits or limits marriage, civil unions, and/or legal protections for same-sex couples

It was the only resolution to do so. It was more popular than universal health care.

The anti-gay amendment before the MN state senate will not get out of the DLF controlled committee.

And a lot of elected Republicans like his gentleman are grateful

because they know it's wrong and they know it's not American.

The country and the world and creation have a liberal bias

All we need to do is stand up, speak out and choose the right people to lead.

At 12:13, Blogger jenny said...

Hey Callie! I got tagged and now I am sharing the wealth so to speak. You get to tell 5 weird habits of yours and then tag 5 more people to do the same. Sorry!


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