So, This is What is Wrong With Nashville

People can't figure out how to use the remote control!!!

NBC Nashville Station Latest To Dump Daniel

NBC's Nashville affiliate has closed The Book of Daniel after the show, whose main character is a pill-popping Episcopal priest with a gay son and a pot-dealing daughter, drew thousands of complaints.

WSMV-TV General Manager Elden Hale Jr. said he decided to pull the show starring Aidan Quinn after NBC rejected the station's request to air it overnight instead of during "family viewing time."

Despite its third-place finish nationally, the show won its time slot last Friday in the Nashville TV market.

Hale said viewers objected to the language, the sexual content and the portrayal of Jesus, who appears to Quinn's character for regular chats.

WSMV's general voice mailbox shut down within 20 hours of the airing of the two-hour premiere last Friday because 137 complaint messages jammed the machine, WSMV officials said. There also were complaints via e-mail and regular mail, including letters bearing church letterheads.

I knew these little "c" christians were illiterate and such, but I didn't think it was SOOO bad they couldn't utilize a remote control. Then again, they have to be directed with church pamphlets on what to think and how to vote. They can't think for themselves. What made me think they could manage a remote??? JEEZ!


At 18:12, Blogger GiG said...

Callie, this is too funny, especially after reading an opinion piece in the AJC at lunch today..written by, believe it or not, a baptist pastor from AL, he has a pretty good take on the Book of Daniel and his finishing sentence just cracked me up :)

Christian right's cries of persecution baffling


Not that we don't need to be concerned about the negative way Christians appear on television, but I don't know how to make Pat Robertson stop.

At 07:13, Blogger RedStateExile said...

That is hilarious, Gig! I LOVE IT!!! I needed a good laugh.

At 07:54, Blogger lovin' it said...

Wow Callie, are you okay? I'm no shrink so don't take this as a diagnois, but you sound almost clinically depressed. Is anything happening anywhere in the world that doesn't make you angry?

I mean, come on. A TV network dropping a show because of viewer complaints isn't worth getting this worked up about, is it? If people don't want to watch it, why would the network want to air it?

At 16:05, Blogger ariadne said...

Lovin' It--

Stay in your bubble, but a show being dropped because of its content--not it's ratings, etc.--is censorship.

So, censorship makes you happy? Because it pisses reasonable Americans off.

At 07:32, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Thanks for the post! LOVE your blog, BTW. Very nice.

Actually, for these Dominionists, censorship does make them happy. It's about total domination; hence, the name. It's their right to free speech, not anyone else's. If we bite back, we're hateful and intolerant.

But...like Will Smith's character said to the alien in Men in Black, "Don't start nothin' and there won't be nothin'."

Sorry, I just won't hold my tongue when I'm attacked because I think someone may accuse me of what they've already been doing for years.

At 05:54, Blogger lovin' it said...

ariadne - Censorship? LOL

Censorship is when the government threatens you with expulsion from college because the adminstrators disapprove of your speech. Private citizens can never be censors. We don't have the power. All we can do is exercise our own free speech rights to let people know what we do and don't like.

Dropping Daniel is just the free market at work. I understand most libs don't like capitalism, but that's the world we live in.

At 11:40, Blogger ariadne said...

Go, Callie, Go!!

I thought a public company dropped "Daniel" due to pressure from a religious right group who apparently hasn't learned that they can change the channel, like I do when I happen on Falwell or Robertson spouting hatred.

Sounds like you've gotten in trouble over hate speech. Have you learned to express yourself better?

Capitalism is great in theory--but rational people can discuss its problems. I, like most Americans who can access a computer, benefit from cheap goods. But I'm also aware of how our cheap goods harm other people, and I'd like to find alternative methods of production. But that's just the world I live in.

At 14:55, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Private citizens can never be censors. We don't have the power.

REALLY? Not according to Don Wildmon of the AFA when he tried to claim they were the cause of NBC cancelling the show:

“This shows the average American that he doesn’t have to simply sit back and take the trash being offered on TV, but he can get involved and fight back with his pocketbook,” said AFA Chair Donald E. Wildmon in a statement Tuesday.

Irony, The Book of Daniel will be replaced with reruns of Law & Order. Yes, stories of murder, rape, incest, and adultery are much more family-friendly and wholesome.

At 14:55, Blogger RedStateExile said...

BTW, link to that comment is at


At 09:07, Blogger lovin' it said...

Callie - Refusing to support something you dissaprove of is NOT censorship. That is capitalism.

I remember a while back you posted an article attacking a website by Focus on the Family that you found to be gay-bashing. You called for gays and liberals everywhere to steer clear. Does that make you a censor? By your definition, it does.

Censorship can only take place when a governmental authority uses the power of law to shut down speech. Private citizens exercising their own free speech rights to criticize someone else's speech can never be censorship.

It cuts both ways, dear.


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