And It's Not Just Alabama

Florida GOP Bankrolling Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

The Florida Republican Party is the driving force behind an organization claiming to be a grassroots initiative to gather signatures to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage according to a published report.

An investigation by the St. Petersburg Times into funding for the Florida4Marriage has found that of the $193,000 that has been raised by the group $150,000 came from a single donor - the Florida Republican Party.

The paper says that the donation was made in a single check on Nov. 25.
Yet Gov. Jeb Bush, the titular head of the party, publicly said in 2004 that he is opposed to an amendment.

Since then he has attempted to avoid talking about the amendment issue describing it only as well-meaning but unnecessary because state law already bars same-sex marriage.

Jebbie learned well from his brother. Give the ignorant masses some double-speak and they're stupid enough to fall for it every time.

"I'm opposed to it, but it's well-meaning and it's unnecessary."

WTF???!!! No wonder this party has the country so fucked up and turning in on itself.

And pray tell, exactly how is an amendment that makes an entire group of hard-working, tax-paying citizens second-class forever "well-meaning"?


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