We Won the Battle with Ford!!!

Update from Americablog:

The Ford Motor Company today released the following letter (below) clarifying that whatever did or did not happen behind closed doors with the American Family Association (AFA) two weeks ago, the company is NOT backing off of its support for the gay community or gay advertising (in contrast to what was reported over the past two weeks).

According to the AFA and media reports over the past two weeks, in order to avoid a boycott from the extremist gay-hating organization, Ford allegedly agreed to:

1. No longer run ads promoting Jaguar or Land Rover in the gay press.
2. No longer support gay events or organizations.
3. Continue running Volvo ads in the gay press, but no longer tailor those ads to the gay community (i.e., in the future such ads would be the same ads that are run in the mainstream media, rather than the crafting the ads to appeal to a gay readership).

Ford addressed and resolved each of our three concerns regarding the above:

1. Ford announced that it will continue to support gay organizations and gay events in the coming year and beyond.

2. Ford is going to run advertisements in the gay media NOT ONLY promoting the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, but the ads will promote ALL of Fords brands, by name, including Jaguar and Land Rover.

3. Ford states unequivocally that it will continue to tailor its ads for the specific audience it is trying to reach, and then goes one step further. Ford challenges us to keep an eye out on their upcoming ads in order to verify that they will in fact be tailored.

There is no other way to read this than that Ford did the right thing.

NEVER BE INTIMIDATED!!! We have the power to win against the theocratic-dominionist-fascist machine! We can and will win!


At 20:11, Blogger dorsano said...

Great day, Callie. You deserve it.

At 06:24, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Thank you! Now I'm waiting for the true shit to hit the fan from these power mad wacko fundigelicals. As they say in tornadochasing land, "the cone is silent." That usually means that all hell is about to break loose on your ass. You know what, though? I'm ready for a war. I'm ready to take these bastards down. I've had enough of their contempt and disdain.

God knows what some organization that's made up of nearly all family that hides out in Tupelo and has obsessions with child sex and bestiality may be REALLY up to.

At 20:06, Blogger dorsano said...

John at a AmericaBlog organized quite and effort it seems. And the letter Ford sent out was addressed to quite a few groups.

I always knew that the GLBT community was very well organized but I'm even more impressed seeing it a bit closer up.

At 06:16, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Ah, the irony is that this is the most organized the gay community has been in a long time.

The last time we all came together was with the 2000 Millenium March on Washington and there was a lot of in-fighting, grandstanding, and down right meanness towards each other. Most of that was behind the scenes and the average gay person didn't know about it, but the organizations that supposedly pull our community together for common causes LITERALLY had a falling out.

It was like a big family argument and nobody wanted to talk to each other afterwards. It's hurts us really bad in trying to move forward. One of the original organizers of the March on Washington groups also runs DontAmend.com, and she is trying to pull things back together. John is a very good friend of hers. Most of the people who are really wanting to make change and trying to work on it aren't the ones running HRC or the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

We proved that we can do it-we can win-but we have to get over our own hurt pride first. Maybe this was a step in the right direction.

At 20:48, Blogger dorsano said...


Have a joyful and blessed Christmas.

At 08:26, Blogger Tyler Dawbin said...

I am so proud to be a part of the dominionist-theocratic-fascist party of America.

God bless you, Callie, and Merry Christmas!

As always...in Christ!

At 16:47, Blogger Lizzy said...


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas. Peace!

Light a candle for freedom,
light a candle for peace,
light a candle for learning,
light a candle for honest democracy
light a candle for those who have not food or home
light a candle for the bruised beauty and waining bounty of our over used planet
light a candle for those hunted and harried for having a different belief
light a frigging bonfire to give light to the great power that is in the dark.

[why not? I hears its a season for miracles and hope.]


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