Winning the Crazy Vote

Since I have a round robin of city and state news going on here, this one tops the cake.

Virginia House Passes Anti-Gay Amendment

Now while this is bad enough and this still has to go to the VA senate for passage to go to voters, here's the kicker in the article:

Meanwhile, the House is preparing to take up a bill this session that would effect the ability of lesbians in the state from having babies "through medical technology".

Although the legislation would prevent any unmarried woman from receiving in vitro fertilization - its impact would impact lesbians most.

Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) filed the bill on Thursday. Marshall is one of the sponsor of the marriage amendment.

If the measure passes, it would prohibit licensed health professionals from performing medical procedures for unmarried women who want to get pregnant, including everything from in vitro fertilization to artificial insemination by a donor.

"To say women are desperate for this, well Al Capone was desperate for money ... just being desperate doesn't mean you have a right to anything period," said Marshall.

"My dad's name is donor, okay, no kid wants that. They want a relationship with a real person, someone to hold their hand," Marshall said.

For those who voted Republican and you know someone or love someone who is gay, let me just say thanks for the fucking nightmare. This is the world you wanted and wished for, right??? You're either an outright asshole like this Marshall fucker or you just don't pay attention (or maybe you do but you're selfish, thinking only your needs should be met). Either way, go fuck yourselves!


At 11:30, Blogger lovin' it said...

Speaking of intolerant speech . . .

At 07:08, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Speaking of free speech, opinion, and your right to not visit my blog. You come here by choice. You know my views. I won't temper what's in my heart and my mind to make anyone else happy.

At 12:14, Blogger lovin' it said...

Just be glad you aren't in college then. Otherwise this blog might get you in trouble.



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