Yippee!!! Pharmacists Gone Wild! Video Forthcoming!

More updates on Pharmacists Gone Wild

and Here too!!!

Will this mean I'll have to watch out for my fundamentalist co-workers coming to work with bags of rocks so they can stone me to death just because their faith demands it? Will this mean they can't get fired for trying to kill me if they do?

It's getting a little scary out here folks!


At 16:05, Blogger dorsano said...

Congratulations, Target. Just keep digging that hole.

I wonder who at Target (Dayton Hudson) is behind this? Perhaps there's an enterpising blogger out there who can uncover whence this policy comes. :)

I know I'm a likely candidate cause I'm from MN but I'm working on single payor health care right now. :)

What's really ironic is that Target's decision to prevent the Salvation Army from collecting donations at XMAS prompted a boycott from right wing organizations.

They seem to be pissing everyone off.

At 11:05, Blogger RedStateExile said...


I found this Target behavior quite ironic too based on their Salvation Army stunt this past Christmas. Perhaps they are trying to have the best of both worlds by winning over one side one year and pissing them off the next.

I, however, am not fooled by this corporate bullshit.


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